Happy 99th Birthday Gram

The ages 3, twins at 6 (but one week away from being 7), 10, and 14 year old great grandchildren iced and decorated the cakes. They were a huge success.

Singing too was a ton of fun. Great handmade gifts by the little ones is undoubtedly the best part of getting gifts.

The dinner was as a huge success. From turkey to pie to even new sides.

Now comes the dishes. Ugh.

9 thoughts on “Happy 99th Birthday Gram

  1. WOW! What great genes! Mom looks like a million bucks. Hey, with inflation make that a 100 million.
    The cake idea is a keeper.

  2. Mom looks like great!
    Reminds me of my 94 year old Mom who I spoke to yesterday – she has no clue about Thanksgiving being in the “old country”.
    Our older son and DIL hosted in Darien. He has a 7,5,3 and 1 year old. My DIL’s sister has another 4 kids and my younger son and fiance (destined to wed 12/16 at Yale Club) all attended.
    We cooked the bird last night and made several types of potato(e). My DIL’s sister’s husband said he’s calling this the Feast of the 7 Potatoes (methinks we overdid the spuds!!).
    Great times by all.
    Wonderful to see your Mom enjoying the day – looking forward to seeing my Mom when I go to Ireland in a few weeks for another wedding.
    Have a great holiday. Really enjoy your posts!!!!!!!!!

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