We’ve played the front nine.

The back nine is in the oven.

Front nine is white cake. Back nine chocolate. Used a Wilton cake baking system. One pan. Any letter or number. Came out perfectly, IMHO. Very very very clever invention. Little ones will ice and decorate cakes. Fun.

We’re incredibly organized and ready for Thanksgiving. Sweet potato casserole made and ready to put in oven. White potatoes peeled and sitting in water. Stuffing made. Cranberry relish made (Ina’s recipe with Granny Smith apple in it). Turkey in the house. Pie crust made for pumpkin pie. Was going to make mom’s famous chocolate angel pie but a friend brought me her homemade key lime pie so we’ll serve that (and birthday cake) and skip making the chocolate. One guest coming has nut allergies so I’m skipping the pecan pie.

Making some neat prosciutto cups, a Martha Stewart recipe. Place prosciutto into mini muffins tins and bake 15 minutes. Tomorrow I’ll add finely diced Bartlett pear inside the cups. Bite sized and Mmmmmm.

The rain is a bummer but otherwise Life is Good.

Hope all is going well chez vous.

16 thoughts on “We’ve played the front nine.

  1. Ages ago (pre-internet) wife had me looking far and wide for that damn Wilton cake set for our son’s birthday party. Expensive. Used it once…the kiddies were pretty blah about it. Fast forward a couple dozen years. She gave it to the hospital gift shop.

    1. Why is everyone so Debbie Downer today? The Wilton set was a mere $25. Will we use it every birthday occasion? Probably not. Is it right for tomorrow, making two fun 9’s. Yes. Will I give it to the hospital? Unlikely. One of the kids will want it after I’m gone. What an inheritance, eh?

  2. It’s the weather. I’m in a foul mood: so much cooking, kids who won’t do school or play together without fighting, husband fretting about taxes, spending tomorrow with people I don’t really care about (besides my three guys, but under someone else’s roof).

    On the upside, I’ve chopped in advance and have most of my mis en place (not as beautifully orderly as yours!) and made my green bean casserole.

    Happy days to you! I’m so thankful for you shining your Light out in the world, keep it up!

    1. Here’s a plan for next year. We have a blog readers Thanksgiving. My house. Everyone bring something. We toast Trump with Trump wine and leave the whiners at home. Deal???

      My major league cooking and party planning skills expired when the last kid left the nest. It takes massive thought and time management to get the meal done right. I always forget something. Always. I’ve made a timeline of what goes in when.

  3. GQ has a list of non-political topics (just in case the conversational flow slows):

    Sleep troubles
    Art by children
    Dietary restrictions
    Who at the table would be which Muppet
    Who at the table has gotten a speeding ticket and how fast were they going
    Whether or not pumpkins are fruits
    Whether or not there is more wine in the fridge
    Why you only ever lose one glove and not both gloves at once
    If you had a gun with one bullet and had to kill one person at the table, which person at the table would everyone kill
    The good restaurants at O’Hare
    Everyone’s college majors
    Massages: pros and cons
    What the dog, if a dog is present, is thinking about
    Soldiers being reunited with their dogs
    The troops
    Is Michelle Obama really a tranny
    Dogs recognizing their owners after years of being lost in the forest
    Copper, the limping dog from The Bachelorette
    Whether security dogs want to be petted or if they’re too professional
    What it would take to become a K9 officer
    Could the dog become a police K9?
    Who at the table would be which kind of dog
    The new study suggesting that dog owners live longer
    Who at the table cried during the trailer of A Dog’s Purpose
    Whether anyone knows the breed of a dog I saw: His fur was wiry but still soft. He had whiskers and wise eyes
    Kate Middleton

    1. Printed. Don’t be surprised if you read that we have covered many of these. Michelle Obama is a tranny, funny. You start that conversation. Wish you were all here.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all in EOS-land! We r celebrating in Big D, little a, double L a, s.
    Went to the Bush Museum @ SMU yesterday per your recommendation. Had BBQ in Mesquite @ Hutchins today. Bring on the Turkey Dinner tomorrow. It was 84 degrees on Fri when we landed!

  5. I’ve just returned from my last trip to the market. Amazing how it adds up for even a small group such as ours. KA AP flour, L of L butter and common onions were on sale and I didn’t resist. There will be leftovers for which there’ll be room in the freezer when I toss out last year’s frozen leftovers.
    Nasty day for driving anywhere. Glad I didn’t have to go far. Family coming tonight- after traffic dies down and weather clears.
    House is clean. Maybe not so clean as EOS’ is but clean enough. Fridge is stocked with better wine than the usual plonk. Better beer, too. The hard stuff is always high shelf but nobody drinks much of it these days. Funny how much less work is Christmas dinner and how much more impressive.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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