It’s a Boy!!

2017 Tacoma TRD. Old folks white. 4×4. 6 speed manual transmission. V6 engine. Towing.

The truck is a dealer swap, in RI, so Mr. EOS won’t have it until next week. Price Haggling is still ongoing but nothing that’ll be a deal breaker. The Olde Dodge is even being taken in trade. [translation: soon to be at a scrapyard near you].

Actual photo when plated and in driveway. Yay Mr. EOS!!!! He’s moving on up. Three cheers.

20 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!!

  1. Cool deal! I don’t know what it is about the Japanese auto industry right now, but, they all seem to be locked in a battle to produce the most aggressive and/or ugly front fascia.

    1. Totally agree. Not that the new Chevy or Ford would win any beauty contest. But it’s what Mr. EOS wants and my feeling is he should have what is right for him.

      My good looking Q5 is the default ‘go anywhere where we need to be seen’ car. [Kidding, not kidding]

  2. Terrific choice. Not that there were many options for 6 cylinder with a stick. Tasteful color combo. Graphite interior will hide the rare spill.
    Lots to be thankful for at the old EOS homestead.

  3. Great truck ! Congratulations. Better keep an eye on Mr EOS as he’ll be tooling around in a total chick magnet

  4. Can we savor the anniversary of a year ago before the Debbie Downers show up with their tut-tutting dour miens?

    I wonder if DJT will pay special tribute today to JFK who was, in all likelihood, assassinated by the Deep State?

      1. I fixed the spelling although I left this comment because I wonder if spell-check won’t allow for the correct spelling of said word. Google, Twitter, and all the other giants are not so subtle anymore about what they won’t tolerate.

        Re DJT, I celebrate every day, every single day, that he’s our president, or at least MY president. When I texted my sister about something related to Thanksgiving, I made the mistake of adding a comment about Charlie Rose, something like, “what a shock”. She texted me back that her two daughters (both of whom work in media/PR) knew for decades that Rose was a womanizer. THEN, boom, the bomb dropped – she ended the text “I hope now this means all of Trump’s accusers will come forward”. There it was. Sitting there. I didn’t respond. Can you say “this is going to be a long day tomorrow”?!

        1. It’s all going to be okay. Relax and enjoy because winning is so delicious. I am troubled that your nieces are so complacent about men who don’t know the proper boundaries of the work place, but, hey! he might give me a raise!

          Funny about that Gil dude. He has certainly mellowed over time.

        2. I’ll relax Saturday when everyone is back in their own zip code and I’m staring like a zombie at a blank TV.

          Excellent point about my nieces. In normal circumstances I might ask them about knowing and saying nothing but given the civil unrest on their side, I suspect we’ll be talking a whole lot about the weather. ☹️
          Gil. No words. Is he twelve?

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