Happy Early Thanksgiving

I’ll not likely have a second to blog next week because I want to enjoy every minute with my mother, kids, and grandkids, so I’ll wish you all a bountiful and peaceful Thanksgiving now.

We have much to be thankful for. Health. Family. Love. Peace. New iPhones. Happiness. And oh yeh, Trump is president. #WINNING. (h/t reader Anonymous for photo)

Here’s to a good week with your loved ones. Stuff your faces silly with mashed potatoes and gravy. Make hot turkey sandwiches Friday. Mmmmm. Forget politics and remember it’s all about family.

If I capture some good birthday cake pix I’ll post on the fly Thursday. Otherwise, I’ll catch up with you on Saturday next, after I pick myself up off the floor.


25 thoughts on “Happy Early Thanksgiving

  1. We’ll miss you this week and wish you and all the EOS family, neighbors and friends a most wonderful Thanksgiving. And, Happy Birthday to your Mom.

    1. Birthday the 23rd.

      As a kid, mom hosted a houseful for Thanksgiving, cooked incredibly, so, if there was a year when her birthday fell ON Thanksgiving, yes, she’d cook. Once each of us got married we opted to split holidays, Thanksgiving with in-laws, and Christmas with my side.

      Mom and dad would spend Thanksgiving in Wilmington with friends or on the golf course at Grandfather Mountain, eating at the club, skipping cooking. Understandably. With dad gone, we now circle around mom for all holidays. She did Christmas like Perle Mesta and Martha Stewart rolled into one. She’d cook for days. The house, whoa, all decked out. Once they moved out of a big house into the senior community, Christmas fell to us too. She had decades of hosting.

      It’s a joy to give back.

        1. Forecast is temp high of 91 in LA on Thursday. My best friend texted me and said the wind is crazy in Greenwich today. For you in Bedford too?

          Have a peaceful non-political Thanksgiving enjoying the company of everyone around you. Please do post birthday pix

        2. Jane, Incredibly gusty windy today, to the point I watched the strands of Christmas lights on the branches of the fir outside bob and weave. Gusts up to 50+mph.

          Oddly warm tho, in the high 50s. Nothing like LA and your 91. Can’t top that! Did you decide to stay west all winter?

        3. Ha! For the record, in my golden years, I don’t surf unless the sun is shining, but, with storms you get fantastic waves and you have to wear a wetsuit anyway, so, even the temps in November aren’t a big deal.

  2. My crew arrived today, the two and four legged variety. Full house.

    Happy Thanksgiving and happy birthday to your mom.

  3. Please be so grateful to be able to enjoy this holiday with your family. You are very lucky. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have some mashed potatoes for me. (But I’ll skip the pumpkin pie…..). 🙂

  4. I’m thankful that Charlie Rose got suspended. My lib family members thought Charlie could part the Red Sea. I thought he was an ass.

  5. Happy 70th anniversary of 29th birthday. Happy Turkey Day to the rest of the clan.

    Now not for nothing but over at Toyota of Stamford they have a brand new 2017 Toyota Tacoma SR Truck Access Cab 4×4 for sale at 26k.

    Year: 2017
    Make: Toyota
    Model: Tacoma
    Trim: SR
    Bodystyle: Truck Access Cab
    Doors: 4 door
    Engine: 2.7L I-4 cyl
    Transmission: Manual
    Drive Line: 4×4
    Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded
    Exterior Color: Super White
    Interior Color: Cement Gray
    VIN: 5TFSX5ENXHX056519
    Model Code: 7513
    Stock #: 171848

    1. 4 doors, manual stick, 4×4, 8 ft bed, and 26k. Whats not to like? I personally don’t see you shelling out more than 22 and change out the door

      1. If it’s got a sold sticker on it tomorrow, you know who got it. You must know him because his first truck was a white Jeep truck and he’s always sworn he’d go back to another white truck. I laugh and tell him only old people in Florida have white vehicles.

        This truck is exactly what he wants. Thanks.

        1. When you go down to Toyota of Stamford make sure you see John Lynn. Hes the general manager there. I left a message on his machine that Mr. EOS is coming down.

        2. Now now. We bought our first white car because of the Florida climate. It still has the Acura Greenwich license plate holder so my wife can recognize it among all the other white cars.

    1. That’s so nice but the truck has a 4 cylinder engine. Hence, it’s been scratched off the acceptable list. He found a white Ford truck but it’s automatic. Decisions Decisions.

      But many many thanks for the call.

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