Math Quiz: What’s 9 + 9?

Answer: Really really old!

In addition to the Thanksgiving preparation, we are in full 99th birthday mode. Banners, noise makers, a couple of silly gifts (as mom made us pinky swear not to get her real gifts).

We debated endlessly about the cake – to buy or to make. If make, what to make?

We settled on making two Number 9 shaped cakes. One white with chocolate frosting. The other chocolate with vanilla frosting. Then decorate them to the nines! 😀

Easy. Fun. Not fancy schmancy. It begs only one question- one candle per cake? I got cute 9-shaped candles but haven’t decided if I will use nines on nines. Could be too traumatic to see so many 9s!!

Raining today but I’m okay with that. Cooking. Moved our things upstairs already. Pulled up any hallway rugs in master bath as my mom didn’t want to worry about tripping.

The ingredient I could never find anywhere around here was rainbow carrots – not at gourmet market nor at my Korean market so the city kids said they’d for sure find some and bring it up. Yay!

I say we are as ready as ready can be.

14 thoughts on “Math Quiz: What’s 9 + 9?

    1. I wish. Mr. EOS is a slow decision maker. Painfully deliberates every pro and con. Big truck v. midsize. Extra cab for more good stuff (because no one ever gets in the back of this vehicle unless it’s the last car in the nation). He weighs Ford versus Toyota. No Dodge again. Kinda prefers the lines of the Chevy truck but Ford tops the best selling list year after year for a reason. He thinks the Ford has a gay automatic knob. He still really wants a stick shift. See where I’m going with this?
      Me, I go in, say I’ll take that blue one. One and get’er done. I guess opposites DO attract.

      1. Oh. Sorry, I thought all the deliberation was complete and that sweet baby had arrived at the dealership for its new home. Tough to choose. If I had to buy American, I’d go with the better looking Chevrolet (after making sure it’s not built in Mexico), but I like the Toyota overall (even though their interiors look a tad cheap). Ford is on my sh%t list right now because, well, politics…

        1. Deliberation was done until it wasn’t done. 😀😀😀😀

          Didn’t know that about Ford and the NFL. That may or may not weigh in his decision.

          My two cents is the Chevy is the one. We know the dealer well. EZ. The Toyota gets good marks but I find the exterior ugly. Lumpy bumpy body. I’ve never seen the interior. Since this is 100% a work truck, having a tad cheap interior is of no consequence in the deliberation.

  1. It depends on whether you consider this a gag gift for Mom but a cute golf shirt, visor, wine glass, etc from a Trump golf club would be fun. I doubt you’d need to be a member to purchase items from the pro shop. The non-Trump faction would be appalled. That might be fun, too. Or not.

    1. The MAGA hat last birthday was a huge success, given by my kids. Alas, while my mom was thrilled, it was so abhorrent to the TrumpHaters mom took the hat off right after we took a photo. It would be turkey suicide to give any Trump gifts. And I’m not kidding.

      1. I understand. You have gone to such great lengths to ensure a lovely Thanksgiving that deliberately causing a possibly unending family feud would be a stupid idea. Wow. Just think of all the topics you’ll have to avoid this Thursday. Better start making a list of non controversial conversation starters now.

        1. Luckily, our neighbors and many of their extended family are joining us for drinks and hors d’œuvres. That’ll break that Conversation Cold Freeze. Although, unknown to the TrumpHaters, my neighbors are also Deplorables!!! No one will talk politics but I feel we’ll have the emotional edge.

        1. Love that photo. I may make it my screensaver in case anyone here Thanksgiving Day picks up my phone!!!

          Yes, there would be serious overlording if HRC won. Dodged a big bullet there.

  2. For my mom’s birthday we always have two cakes…this september my mom turned 87…the children and i put 87 multi colored candles and one extra for good luck on one of the cakes…the wax melts and wrecks the top of the cake but it looks so beautiful while lit…we eat the other one 🙂

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