I don’t know which was worse: Burning a Filet Mignon or Missing the First Half of Jeopardy


Oy, last night, searing two fat filet mignon’s and turning the TV on for Jeopardy, in a split second the pan started smoking big time, billowing to the extreme that it set off the fire alarm, wired to the security system. Mr. EOS grabbed the pan and went outside, I opened the sliding glass door, but I couldn’t clear the alarm in the system key panel.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I kept entering the panel code, over and over again, twelve times* (*I’ll tell you later how I KNOW it was twelve times!) until the security company called me to tell me the fire department was on its way.

I laughed and said, well, if nothing else, they know how to get here because they were here very recently! He did NOT see the humor.

I said, please don’t send the fire department and he retorted, well, lady, we got TWELVE alarm alerts (aha, there’s the twelve and I see it was MY fault now for hitting the panel code to clear the fault when in actuality hitting the panel code over and over send the wild message that it was a TWELVE alarm alert.)

I called the Banksville Fire Department myself and said please please don’t come and they said it’s the law.

The law? Never used to be. I know for a fact you could tell the FD not to come, that it was not a real fire and they said, great, thanks for telling us. I don’t know if the law is new, singular to Westchester County, singular to New York or if its countrywide. My son was a fireman for a long time but had to resign because his work took him too far afield. But I can ask him at Thanksgiving.

There are times when having a hard-wired alarm system is for the birds, more trouble than it’s worth, unless of course, you really DO need the fire department and you’re thrilled the home is wired.

The volunteer firemen were all adorable and understanding, laughed that I was upset to be missing Jeopardy. I apologized profusely that they had to come over.

The filet was well done (duh), we missed regular Jeopardy but got back to the table and the TV in time for DJ and FJ. The end.

Before I forget, I want to update you on the Bedford Post Office Hold Mail-Not Hold Mail incident. No one from the Bedford PO called me to explain how the Hold Mail was ignored or dismissed. The case number that I opened with USPS got closed, according to my call back to USPS this morning, closed because the Bedford PO responded, as they are required, to USPS. Their response you ask? They said “doing research”. And that alone closed the case. How can that be? When I told the woman at USPS that no one called me, she was not happy and said that it was the least they could do. Oh well. It’s over and done with now. Live and learn. Bedford PO stinks big time.

Cold and windy today but bright sunshine. I have a great post from Riverside Dog Walker in queue for later today or tomorrow and a photo from CosHarbour too to post.

Happy Friday!

30 thoughts on “I don’t know which was worse: Burning a Filet Mignon or Missing the First Half of Jeopardy

  1. Burning the filet was the bigger disaster. Jeopardy was mediocre last night. The FJ clue was stupid but we think it was a trick question, written to make the contestants think iPhone was too obvious so they all guessed other things. All three of them were off their A game.

    May I suggest you have cereal for dinner tonight so you don’t burn anything and don’t miss Jeopardy.

    1. The iPhone final Jeopardy clue vexed me the same way. I thought sure iPhone, then immediately discounted it. I went with iPad. Mr. EOS guesses iPhone.

      Agree last nights game was meh. Terrible categories. What was First Responses category all about? I never got it.

      Cereal it is. Don’t forget I have plenty of Corn Flakes.

        1. That looked like it could have been a skit from In Living Color (a great show IMHO) or SNL, when SNL was funny.

          I was expecting to see a clip of Santa Monica lifeguards with a glob of zinc oxide in the nose. Not sagging boobs and a missing limb. But that underestimates your skill at (a) uniqueness and (b) fooling old me.

      1. My brain commentary: oh, GI joe and fire safety! Call the boys! Then, reading your comment fear of clicking sets in😀 I have an incessant fear of YouTube vids. One note and my two come running from the four corners of the house, drooling like Pavlov’s dog. And then, after they’re in bed, I never remember to go and preview.

        And, on the fire, don’t let your kids know, or they’ll start thinking you’re on the slippery slope a la anon above😉

  2. What’s on the Thanksgiving menu that could trigger the smoke alarm? I figure your Trump hating sibling is going to be triggered enough dining with Deplorables that you might as well really trigger her anxiety but burning the turkey and getting the FD there.

      1. Roseanne has a recipe that might just keep everyone’s mellow intact during the repast
        (Warning: There is some language that may not be appropriate for a family-friendly blog, such as this):

        1. Was it coincidental that you posted a link about Roseanne or with the knowledge that her Twitter account went dark for most of yesterday, causing a panic from her big circle of fans and followers. The account is back up with a note that she’d explain later.
          She’s one of a kind gem.

        2. It was back up when I posted it. She says she’ll explain why it and her website disappeared later (some say it has to do with her new show). I thought the Q anon reason a little far fetched, but, you never know…

        3. Is this the same reason why Hannity is using his Tick Tock twitter phrase, again? It’s a bit overdone to my liking and I have yet to see a real boom.

  3. Ten years ago when by boy/girl twins were 3…i “cooked” hamburgers one evening…
    the Greenwich Fire Dept had to come…lol…freezing winter evening, standing outside on patio with the babies…in the midst of it all, my then 16 year old son came home and had a good laugh with the firemen about my cooking…we still joke about that evening just last week.
    My guess was the i phone
    The twins picked the ipad

    1. Very funny, except standing outside with the babies in freezing temps.

      Good guess with iPhone. Only two more hours until tonight’s final!! Can’t wait!

      Back to the fire department showing up, the downside is that here the town counts false alarms and then a hefty fine starts. It begs the question if I call the FD and tell them not to come but they tell me they are required to come, there should never be a false alarm strike. Right?

      1. I vaguely remember a news item where a municipality would not send out the fire department if you were delinquent on your property taxes.i should search for it but I believe they actually let a house burn,which is insane

  4. My personal view is that jolly volly cellar savors oughta instantly assess a 200 dollar surcharge (or a case of beer) for kitchen commandos who incinerate the daily fare. If payment is not forthcoming, we oughta be able to legally do donuts in your front yard with our pumper truck. That’ll learn ya.

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