Mr. EOS got his iPhone 8Plus at the Stamford Town Center this morning. We got to the mall at 9:50 and there was already a long line at The Apple Store. We were the only people in line not Asian not Indian not Pakistani. We were also the only ones without a reservation to buy the iPhone X.

So we got to cut to the head of the line, the loser line apparently, as we could sense the non-English tittering as we said iPhone 8 Plus. Our Apple salesman was pleasant but he was a low talking mumbler. We must have said “what” five times and I have bat hearing. No need to change the SIM card there so we were out of Apple by 10:20. Paid.

From there a quick pit stop at Godiva to buy a few of their beautiful (and delicious) chocolate filled Advent Calendars. I sure didn’t grow up with chocolate filled Advent calendars – I remember having things like a penny in each tab. Or nothing but except a pretty scene we ooohed and aaahed about. Am I remembering wrong?

Then another zip up I-95 to Norwalk, Stu Leonard’s.

It stopped raining by the time we got to Stu’s, the parking lot not mobbed, nor was the store, but we got hung up in a few aisles by oblivious shoppers who leave carts in the middle of an aisle or, in one instance, an older man who looked a bit down on his luck, eating the free samples. We cut him some slack.

Got 99% of my Thanksgiving shopping done now. I go down to Delaware on Monday to get my mother and she’ll be here all week.

Tuesday next week I’ll just have to get a few bakery items, like dinner rolls etc. and I expect to cook any make ahead things this weekend.

Just call me Barbara Mason…..

15 thoughts on “Twinning!

  1. Stu’s has a an excellent store layout UNTIL you realize you missed something back in aisle one and can’t get there from the end. Ask me how I know. Been there. Done that.

    1. Yep, we did that today too. Forgot something back in bakery, the first bend in the Disney like line. Wasn’t about to go back. The Stu’s in Danbury has cut-throughs – I wasn’t familiar enough with this one in Norwalk to dare try and get back.

    1. We started out with that as number one on the list but when it was raining so heavily it got bumped to tomorrow. We’re back out running more errands now then have to set up his phone. Stay tuned.

  2. Nice👍 My sons needlepoint stocking has returned from the finishers, ready to be hung by the chimney. Would you prefer a solo photo (save for a christmas post? I’d love to see everyone’s decorations) or a bit of a photo essay with all of them when there evicted from the attic?

      1. I heard, although I’m out of the loop😉, Litvack supporters sneered at her and she has taken refuge in Sweden.

  3. “We were the only people in line not Asian not Indian not Pakistani.” On Nov. 5 I had the same experience waiting in line to get into the Greenwich Apple store for a Genius Bar appointment. I arrived at 10:45 to find the doors locked until 11:00. About 35-40 Asians, Indians, Pakistanis in line chattering away, waiting for a chance to view the new iPhone X.

        1. Oh my gosh! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!! You’re the first person I know to order one. Cool.

          PS: Why couldn’t you have gotten the X in Stamford or Greenwich like the people we saw in line?

  4. I’m not sure the X was available in any decent quantities at either store. One sales person told me to be at the front door when the store opened and I might get lucky and score one. I can certainly wait a few weeks and sleep in rather than join the iPhonistas early in the AM.

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