Who’s It Gonna Be???

Buzzy? Alan? Austin? Two-day finals tomorrow and Friday. Get the popcorn. I like all three for very different reasons.

Buzzy, just because he’s Mr. Suave Bolla, perfectly coiffed and styled by Armani, as opposed to Austin, who did get a haircut, but is Mr. Scruffy, Attire by Goodwill.

Alan is a classic genius and came away tonight (somewhat) easily victorious. Pranjal gave him a run for his money tho.

Buzzy and Austin have the added bonus of a keen and dry sense of humor. I don’t think Alan has acquired that yet and maybe a champ needs to be self-deprecating in order to have the right mental frame of mind to go into the finals.

I’m going with Austin for the Win (because I think he has the broadest base of knowledge and because he’s a hometown boy). Alan for Place. Buzzy for Show.

Pick your horse now. The betting windows are about to close soon.


6 thoughts on “Who’s It Gonna Be???

  1. We’re Alan fans all the way. Tonight I thought he was going to die from stress. He’s a nervous genius.

  2. Oh, no. You could have said SPOILER ALERT!!
    I was out and about to watch the DVR – waiting for Mrs. M to get her act in gear.
    We loooove Mr Pound Ridge.
    Way to go Austin!!

    1. My bad. I thought about saying spoiler alert but I waited til after 8pm to put the post up assuming people on the east coast would have seen, never thinking that someone would DVR it. I should have waited until this morning to post. Sorry.

    1. He’s certainly as much a contender as the other two. I think when one gets to the genius level that Austin has it likely merges with some level of Raymond Babbitt savant syndrome.

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