21 thoughts on “Reservation Confirmed

  1. My wife is going to steal this idea, verbatim. You’re a good hostess. Our kids arrive this weekend, their dogs in tow too, often a cause for consternation but we let it go because we have so much to be really thankful for this year.

    1. Dogs. Love them when they are your own. Mixed feelings when they belong to others, even when the others might be your offspring. Good luck and enjoy.

      Yes, you DO have much to be thankful for. Despite the damage to your home, you’re all intact.

  2. Good morning from California. Arrived Monday and getting lots of grandchildren time is great. Thanksgiving dinner will include my daughter-in-laws parents and a few of her cousins. Ten of us.

    No one greeted me with a note like yours. I’ll have to train my son better.

    1. So many of my friends are Pinterest junkies and swear by it for all kinds of creative ideas. I’m the only one I know without a Pinterest account. Now, ask me about My Houzz account.

  3. Peter…tell your wife i am stealing this idea as well! (Newly married son arriving with wife in a few days)

    1. Great! Be sure and tell us their reaction.

      Mr. EOS suggested I leave a housekeeping tip envelope by the bedside….I opted out of that suggestion.

  4. I thought that my mother, God rest her soul, was the last person to do such things. I guess not!! Very nice.

    PS -what time should I be over for Thanksgiving? Also, did you swipe any toothbrushes or do I need to bring one??!!

    1. Hors d’oeuvres and booze starting at noon (not sure who will drink more – The Dems feeling triggered being at the home of Trump voters or us the Trump voters trying not to mention anything that will trigger the others). Dinner around 2:30. Birthday cake around 5.

      Bathroom amenities always include a new toothbrush and toothpaste. Q-tips. A glass for drinking water. A new box of kleenex. The whole nine yards.

  5. Love it! Your guest treatment is one of those things I always think about, and want to do, but it falls by the wayside. Maybe one day when the boys are grown and out. Such bittersweet thoughts!

    We are going to friends, but everyone wants my cooking, so I will do the meal on Friday, kind of like when we lived in Sweden and no one took Thursday off. My chutney is made and turkey ordered, but somehow I am dreading the Costco trip!

    1. If I were on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and I had a category “Who Cooks the Most Amazingly Clever Foods”, I’d call you as my Phone a Friend lifeline.

      It’s no wonder everyone wants your cooking.

    1. I’ll see your Trump chocolate bars and raise you a Trump MAGA gun holster. I win. I’m going to wear it when I carve the bird. (not, but I wish I could!!)

  6. Just thought of you again, as I am making Marcella Hazan butter tomato sauce for the first time.

    I’m also scheming to make Thanksgiving easier. Have you, or any readers, used frozen green beans in the casserole? I usually use Alton Brown’s recipe with fresh everything, but the thought of snipping three pounds of green beans is making me exhausted. The boys might help, but that window is short before the beans become missiles, swords or start invading various bodily cavities (nasal!).

  7. My Mother died suddenly when I was 35, and one of the worst pains of that loss was no longer being able to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Walking into the house and smelling that food – her cooking! – and curling up in my childhood bed. Sixteen years later it still hurts my heart.

    Trust me when I tell you your children will forever be profoundly grateful for the loving efforts you make to ensure special holidays for them. You are establishing a priceless legacy. What a wonderful Mom you are!

    1. Oh Shell, it broke my heart to read your comment. I’m so sorry. Losing a mom is always hard as most often it IS the mom who creates the family memories, and the one who is the anchor, neutralizer, arbiter, cook, and all around tone setter. Did all that fall to you once your mom died?

      1. What a thoughtful question. Yes, the holidays landed in my lap. And I work very hard to make things lovely and magical for the family. But always, in the background, there’s a sadness. It’s hard to explain.

        I still LOVE the holidays, though. How can you not?

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