Pop Quiz

What year were the tops of the blinds and tops of the window casings in the upstairs rooms last dusted?

A. 1936

B. 1954

C. 1988

D. 2002

E. Probably never


8 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. Jeeze, Louise, first you have me scouring the inside of the oven door. I knew the old baking soda trick didn’t work because I tried it once myself. Using a magic eraser helped somewhat but then I questioned the wisdom of cleaning an oven which is only going to dirty next week. I have blinds on some windows. You sent me scurrying for that window blind fluffy thing that only moves the dust around. Don’t even think of using the soft attachment on the vacuum unless you won’t care if you knock the blind off its hardware and crack a slat.
    Dreary day here. Feels like snow but not cold enough. Raw and overcast.

    1. I tried the magic eraser too. It’s good for everything else though. I swear by them.
      I got the ovens clean enough to get dirty next week. One oven had a nasty spill spot from who knows what. I so rarely use the Clean Oven option because it takes so long and really dies squat.

      The dusters I used worked really well. Held all the dust on the wand not scattered. It was embarrassingly thick dust. With a houseful coming and all the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms to be in use, I had no choice but to clean. Especially since WE’LL be upstairs ourselves, giving my mother the downstairs master suite.

      Dreary here today too.

  2. Go ahead, put me to shame. I bet you even dusted the light bulbs. I’ll give that blind duster thing another try.

    1. Light bulbs. Light shades. Lamp bases. Chair legs. Door trim. Yes, I was a regular cleaning whiz!
      Note: I likely won’t clean upstairs until this time next year. πŸ˜€

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