Your wait time is between 38 and 55 Minutes!!!


Answers fast, ha ha ha ha!

It took a full three minutes to get to the right Press Six now to access the menu with regard to Mail Carrier problem and then it went into some garbage about my tracking number. I kept saying Live Agent, Customer Service, Live Agent. I had to get past asking me if I wanted to take a survey, also telling me to Press One for their Privacy Rules. No thanks.

Then, I got the dreaded……..all of our agents are busy helping others. Monday at 8:30a, they are busy? I don’t believe it for a minute. Busy having coffee or chatting about the weekend.

I did get the option of having them call me back so I am waiting waiting waiting. Meanwhile, Mr. EOS is helping the tree guys take off all the old GE strands of lights so he can test which ones are good and which ones are now trash.

More as I hear back from USPS. The goal of calling them is to find out what happens when I place a hold order online get confirmation of said order, yet the local post office doesn’t heed it. I want to go into Bedford PO armed with information so they can’t say I didn’t place the order right.

The real question is: what should happen as a result of the local PO mistake? I don’t think an “I’m sorry” will do.

Check back to this post for updates on the situation.

A USPS agent called me back at 9:04a, a very competent patient excellent agent named Kenya.

She said the plan is to file a Case complaint from the USPS to the Bedford Post Office. The peeps at Bedford PO will be required to respond to me directly.

I asked Kenya how the system worked – how the Bedford PO was transmitted my Hold Mail info and what might have gone wrong. Did they not get the transmission? Did they get it and ignore it?

She didn’t know herself what the inner workings are, how A gets to B, but she said if they tell me they didn’t get the information to hold my mail, NOT to accept that as the answer. She told me to ask them “why it was not received and how can you improve your post office to insure further requests are received and handled? This will get interesting.

As you know from my 10000000000 posts about the Bedford PO, they are singularly the worst PO in the county. Rude employees, Lazy. Always get things wrong. Yet manage to make me feel like everything that was wrong was MY fault.

Reason #7980043888 to hurry up and move from New York.