Preview of Our ‘Tis the Season!!!!!!!

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaa! It’s glorious, absolutely perfectly glorious, strung exactly as I wanted. Full. We used all twenty-five new strands plus a half-dozen of the old strands that Mr. EOS vetted as still good.

The crew was here at 8am and left 3p. They took a well deserved lunch break from the hard work in the cold.

The only bummer is today is only November 13 and my tradition was to turn on the lights nightly starting December 1. I asked for it to be done this early so I could have it on Thanksgiving night. Should be perfect.

20 thoughts on “Preview of Our ‘Tis the Season!!!!!!!

    1. I will tell when I find out myself! Total Turf is my regular lawn crew and they were the ones who connected me to the guy who did it a couple of times. This year after I got the $2120 bid from the electricians, I called the owner of Total Turf and asked how he could get this done. Coincidentally, he bought his own bucket truck so he doesn’t need to sub out such jobs. Money all goes to him. He knows what I paid in previous years and he also knows, and laughed out loud, about the $2120 bid, saying it was outrageous. I suspect it’ll be in the $1100-$1200 range.

      1. My neighbors (the ego driven, keep the facade ones), turned their “holiday” lights on near the 1st of November! I put mine up, and am really trying to resist flipping the switch!

  1. Aha! I knew it would be a splendid tree. I think yours may be larger than the one on my town’s common. Certainly it’s more colorful.
    And, I saw who won Jeopardy tonight. He’s fun to watch. Uhuh

    1. We watched Jeopardy too. Texting along with friends. We all thought the first round was easy. Then boom, double jeopardy was tough. Mr. EOS aced the Earth science category tho. Not I. I did not get FJ. Did you?

  2. Gorgeous tree! Question. Can you view it from inside your house? I certainly hope so.
    And how lucky are your neighbors? What a joy for them!

    1. Yes, the tree is visible from the whole front of the house. My neighbors love when it’s lit. I asked them if they are sure because I would hate to have a neighbor who didn’t like it.

  3. Wow! That is some tree. Now you can trim out the windows and fascia with blinkers and don’t forget the life size crèche……..only kidding. Merry Christmas.

    1. When we were at Home Depot we had a good laugh at all the Christmas inflatables and light arrays that say nothing about Christmas other than you have no taste.
      I don’t know where you live but when our kids were young, we used to love to drive by a house in Stamford. On Cold Spring Road, on the right side of the road, like four houses in from the light. Every season the owner was decked out in life size everything, especially at Christmas. It was a sight. Joyous.

      1. You mean by Bulls Head? I know where you are talking about and I remember the display. If you want to see some local tasteful displays, try driving around Port Chester at night near Lyons Park.
        If you really are into Christmas displays, take a ride around Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. That neighbor hood is famous for their Christmas lights

        1. The display we remember was if you turn right onto Cold Spring from Long Ridge. There were a row of houses on the right up higher than the road immediately as you turn. He was the last house of that group. The owner decorated for every holiday but his Christmas theme was joyously over the top.
          So few people in Bedford do anything fun for Christmas. Bah humbug group here.

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