Human Salmon Invade Westchester County!

We came home last night more exhausted after shopping all day than we were driving twelve hours straight to North Carolina.

We started out in Yonkers, the location of the trifecta Holy Grail of stores – Home Depot, Costco, and Stu Leonard’s. We got to Home Depot by 9am, found only the lightbulbs on our long list -what an old and filthy Home Depot that was. Never again. I’ve been in that HD before and swore then not to go back. But with the goal of hitting all three stores in that location, we had no choice.

We got to Costco by 9:45a, the parking lot more than half full already, long lines at the return counter, and congestion getting a cart in the front entrance. It was a freaking zoo. You had to be aggressive getting down aisles or else never get anywhere. [Ed. Note: Hence, the blog post title, in case you are undercaffeinated this morning to get the humor].

I think we were the only two speaking English, the store was a regular United Nations. Russian. Italian. Many Slavic tongues. Arabic. Chinese. Portuguese. Spanish.

I went with a long list, needing some unusual things for the Thanksgiving menu and added a few things for the pantry. Of course, now I need a new larger pantry to shelve the GIANT sizes of everything at Costco!

If you need to borrow a wheelbarrow full of coconut oil, call me!


I did need Pink Sea Salt but decided, hey, while I’m here, let me get more cinnamon, good Vietnamese cinnamon, and peppercorns.

Avocado Oil? Not sure why I bought this, but I did. Now, which one of you is going to tell me what to do with it? Martha, I suspect you’ll know.

Two giant peanut butter jars. Giant jars of pimento stuffed olives. And I think there was even a partridge in a pear tree in the cart. We weren’t out of Costco until twelve noon, $499 poorer, yes $499. For what? I’m not sure. Kicker: No one had Cape Cod White Cheddar Popcorn. Sigh.

By the time we loaded up the car with the Costco loot, the parking lot was beyond full, people like vultures madly circling to find a place to park, hoping we’d leave, quickly. Phew.

At that point, out since 8:30a, we bailed on Stu’s because we knew we had yet to tackle Target, Kohl’s and Stop ‘ Shop. We came home, unloaded the car after Round One, then scurried back out to get Round Two over with quickly. But every place was mobbed, a good thing I suppose, telling me the economy is booming. Nothing went quickly, or well, my list still long with things I couldn’t find. We need to go to Westport on Thursday and on the way back we’ll swing by the Stu’s in CT, then tackle another HD, the one in Brewster. By week’s end, I should be ready to start cooking.

Soooooooooooooo, Monday brings lots of chores, first up calling USPS about my held-not held mail. I suspect their response will be blog worthy.

The tree lighting guys are here now, in a bit of a cold rain so expect a post about that today too.

Giants lost an embarrassment of a game to the 49ers who hadn’t one one game yet. Yikes. Couldn’t watch.

Happy Monday.


15 thoughts on “Human Salmon Invade Westchester County!

  1. I have 1idea for the 84 ounces of coconut oil. It makes a terrific sugar scrub PLUS it tastes good if you should get any in your mouth whilst exfoliating.

  2. yonkers! Ugh! A pleasant early morning drive up the Merritt to Norwalk would have put you at a great clean well stocked HD opposite a huge Stop/Shop and down the street from Costco’s. Kohl’s in other direction, Stu’s not far. No swarming salmon, English spoken. Try it next time! Bibi

    1. Is it THAT good???? I’m using it in a Thanksgiving recipe – caramelized fennel from Lidia B. Fennel bulbs, fennel seeds, sea salt, garlic, dill, goat cheese and lemon zest. Mmmm.

      I change the avatar. Is that better? The home page still has my shining face. Not sure yet how to change that.

  3. You did well at Costco. Think of all the $ you saved. Next time, pick up a jar of capers and an orchid plant. Avocado oil has a high smoke point although I’ve never used it for anything at all.
    As for Home Depot, I often check the store’s inventories first and find out what they have and where they have it. I’ve found my local hardware stores to have good prices on most things I need with the advantage of actual, helpful service. I know I bought my last big supply of lightbulbs when they were on sale but can’t remember where I bought them. Target is too big a store for me but sometimes they’re the only place that has certain toys requested by little friends. That’s when I use the ‘order on line pick up in store’ option. If Amazon packages didn’t end up by my mailbox at the end of the driveway I’d be more inclined to use them.
    I have never been a good shopper. I don’t enjoy it. I gripe about silly prices, sold out but advertised stuff, shoddy quality. Perhaps i enjoy the griping more than the shopping.
    Glad to hear your tree will have lights after all. i bet it will be splendid.

    1. The only Costco I am familiar with is in Port Chester. I know its layout. This one got us all turned around and we missed a few aisles because the people ahead of us in line had something in their cart I came for but never saw. Mistake #2 was going on a Sunday. Mobbed is the understatement. We were verklempt the whole time.

      I do use Bedford Hardware for most things and bought much there just last week, but they didn’t have the bulbs we want for the kitchen overheads which led us to HD. We were also looking for an outdoor heavy duty timer to keep the Xmas tree lights on a schedule. Nothing. How could Home Depot, at Christmas time, NOT have any outdoor timers? Insane.

      I get some of my cosmetics at Target, they sell all the Neutrogena products I use. I also wanted to see if Target carried the Cape Cod popcorn. Nope. Mr. EOS needed gel insoles etc. Stupid stuff that Target is good for. I know this Target so for me it’s easy getting around.

      I hate to shop too, I’m not a natural shopper, although AMEX would call that statement a boldface lie. 🙂

  4. Hello,

    Swanton got it with the high smoke point for avocado oil. Use it instead of olive oil in your cooking. I bought that bottle once, and it took a while to use up, olive oils is much more versitile, IMO. You could also use it in salad dressing where you don’t want an olive oil flavor.

    All Costco’s out here are the pits. I’ve had about the same experience as you at Port Chester and Norwalk locations. My secret shopping time used to be 5-7pm in port Chester on Thursdays, but the word got out.

    You changed your picture, but I think I need to change my name, any ideas? (People have been sneering at me in a strange way this week, and I think they may have recognized me from Chris’ blog. While I don’t really care what they think, I do like my privacy, and prefer not to be looked down upon because of my political leanings. )

    1. The ONLY fabulous Costco I’ve even been in is Eagle Vail. Incredible meats. Never mobbed. Easy to get around. The last time we went to the one in PoChester, Mr. EOS swore he’d never step foot in one ever again. Until yesterday, then we double swore that was his last time.

      Change your name to whatever you want. We’re fast learners and will recognize you after a bit. Understand about the privacy issue.

      1. Costco in suburban Detroit, (back in the day, not sure about now…) was a dream. We grin and bear it though, for most of the items you picked up, protein and household cleaning/paper supplies. They have some very good olive oils at great prices, as well as great cheese at low prices. Cheese and protein usually puts our total up there. It’s very rare to get out under $500

        I too, hate shopping but always seem to spend loads! How is that possible?!….😀

  5. I’m Costco averse, opposed to large crowds and opposed to large quantities of anything. I’ll have to live vicariously through your experiences and reading people’s comments, I’m glad I’m not a shopper there.

  6. I must be lucky for I rarely find long lines or big crowds at Costco. Since I don’t like shopping stocking up on things I’m going to buy or use anyway makes sense for me. That I was thinner in my pre Costco days is entirely irrelevant.

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