Renew it? Or Lose it?


Go Daddy AND WordPress are reminding me daily now that come December, I have to renew my domain and also my WP plan….or lose it.

It begs the annual question – shall I continue into 2018? If yes, what would you like to see that I’m NOT blogging about? What shall I skip? (I know I know, you hate my politics!) Do note that while your opinions DO count, my opinion as the host overrides you all. So there!

The blog has evolved (or devolved, depending on how you feel about EOSredux) into a full on daily diary…. chit-chat about this and that. Less of photography, unless I’m at a photography worthy site, more Life Stuff. Nothing earth-shattering. Nothing overly creative. Nothing that will garner me a second Freshly Pressed WP award. Here’s the post that won me the first award. I had no idea I had been Freshly Pressed until I saw my hits were in the thousands and back seven years ago, that was not the norm.

Give me your honest opinions – even more than your two cents worth. I can take it. I’m game to continue but only if you are all on board too. Of course, it must be said that this blog without you all wouldn’t be worth continuing one more day.

While you determine my fate, we’re off to help the economy by spending $$$ at Costco, Home Depot, and Stu Leonard’s!

Happy Sunday.

UPDATE: From Sound Beacher, setting the tone into 2018!! We’re on! Irony Alert: Mr. EOS expects to buy a truck this week. He’ll for sure be keeping on truckin’!!

30 thoughts on “Renew it? Or Lose it?

  1. KEEP GOING!! Your blog is great just the way it is, a stream of consciousness conversation between you and us.

    Even though we’ve been busy looking for a new home and not here everyday, I look forward to checking in to see what I missed. I’m never disappointed.

    I agree that we your readers are the blog life blood who, thanks often to the creative genius of caelestis, might take a mundane post into a segue about who knows what. That’s half the fun.

    I’m all in for 2018.

  2. As a faithful reader and occasional commenter I would be very sorry if you were to give up blogging. Whether it’s about washing machines, cleaning gutters, day trips or vacations, there is always something of interest to me. Yet your quandary about continuing brings to mind old friends whom I used to see or talk to daily. Life intervened and slowly communicating became less and less frequent. The friendships survive but one person takes on the role of getting us all to meet up for lunch where we all agree how good it is to see each other and that we should get together more often- but don’t.
    Plus, I need to know what neat stuff you found at Costco today.

  3. Renew…definitely. I learn so much from you and your readers…your insight (on most any topic) is keen, funny and genuine. You would be missed by all.

  4. I hope you keep things going. Blogging has got to be a labor of love because you folks have to look past the hours you’ve spent creating a post only to find zero comments. I love the chit-chat posts because responding is easier than opining on the timeline of core meltdown of a nuclear reactor. (By the way, thanks, Peter, for your kind words – but I checked the internet and it isn’t genius, just adult-onset autism).

    Related to your observation of an old car going (to a new) home:

  5. Please , please keep on keeping on….. (insert pic of that keep on trucking guy)
    We love you and YOU have such interesting things to show and tell us. I can’t believe all the things I learn from you and your readers, too many to list. I especially luv having a reason to bring my camera on a walk. Knowing I can share a great pic with the EOS Family. (my own selfish reason)

  6. Please renew. I don’t comment often but I’m a daily lurker. I love it here, politics and all.

  7. I would really miss you if you shut off the spigot. You truly have a gift for making anything, and I mean anything, interesting and fun. And make no mistake, that is a gift. If it weren’t everybody would be doing it.

    Plus, you make readers feel so comfortable here. You’re a delightful hostess!

    And I love your politics. Cuz I share your views 😀

    Now don’t keep us hanging. What did you get at Costco?

  8. Dear EOS
    As you can ‘see’ from all your blogging friends, we need you to Cheer us, to cry with us, to get cranky with us and to assure us that all is well in this world. Don’t leave us!

    And do hang in there with us in the political playground. You are a breath of sweet fresh air!

  9. I think you should continue as long as you find it fun and not a chore. I know it is hard to come up with blog topics to entertain us who sit on the sidelines and might occasionally comment and add some value. But I do enjoy your blog and keeping up on your adventures.

    1. Welllll, it looks like it’s unanimous!! I’ll plunk my money down tomorrow.

      Thanks sooooooo much for the votes of confidence. I guess the chatterbox in me is not done chattering away.


  10. I’ll echo what others have said. Please keep writing, unless it’s a drag for you. I would definitely miss all your various topics. (I’m on your side, politically, but I don’t enjoy talking about it too much. So I just nod along in agreement most of the time)

    Are you liking NC any better? One of my brothers went to the College of Charleston, so I have hung out there a bit, but that was c. 1990. (I know, wrong post…)

    1. Amazing how the editors keep finding old timers to sync with new music. I wonder if they sit culling through thousands of 1940s song and dance routines with a metronome, or if there’s an app that counts beats so the editor can find just the right song. Cool no matter how it’s done.

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