Got home as expected last night, around 5:30p. Easy peasy, thankfully. But after showers and a quick bite, oh, and watching Jeopardy, off to beddie where I had some of the strangest dreams known to mankind and Freud. One, I was back at the house I grew up in and the swimming pool was partially drained because there were a dozen or so bears living in the shallows end. And that dream sequence was the least bizarre!!

LONG list of chores today. Monday, the outdoor tree will be strung with lights and also Monday comes a phone call to the Bedford post office.

One of the kids was on tap to come by to regularly check the house when we were gone and I told him the mail was stopped so not to worry about the mailbox. BUT, on Thursday when he came over, he noticed a flyer half out of the mailbox. He opened the mailbox and it was STUFFED.

So, did they deliver the mail every day despite the stop mail order? We thought yes at first then realized Friday was a legal holiday with no mail delivery and assume they delivered the held mail Thursday. It begs the question why I was allowed to ask for “postman to deliver all held mail Friday November 10” if the 10th was a known holiday. No harm no foul, the mail is all inside but what a pain. And someone screwed up.

Now, to back up a bit, caelestis, thanks for the awesome aerial video of Biltmore. Extraordinary.

And as for the *Say Neigh to the Dressage* headline, I guess it was too lowbrow an association for you to get it. It was a pun takeoff on the tv show Say Yes to the Dress. Okay, it was bad.

Time for coffee and to sort through the mail. Happy Saturday. And thanks again for tolerating me not replying to your comments. I’m back in full respond mode!

PS: No Cape Cod popcorn in North Carolina.

PPS: Yes, all photos on blog were from new iPhone 8 Plus. I don’t foresee the need to ever use my camera camera again. The phone camera is amazing.

UPDATE: This is the automated response I got from USPS which would mean RDW was right, that Friday was not the legal holiday because logic would indicate if Friday were a postman’s holiday, USPS would know that and refuse delivery Friday. (We opted to have all held mail delivered rather than pick it up.) Mistake #2.

UPDATE TWO: Just checked the mailbox. There was mail in it, obviously delivered after 5:30pm last night. So that says two things: yesterday ws NOT the Federal mailman’s holiday and the Bedford Post Office blatantly ignored the direct request to hold mail. Imagine had we been gone for two weeks or not asked one of the children to stop by. It’s a crime in my book. 

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  1. Say Yes to the Dress got you to Say Neigh to the Dressage? Funny.

    We loved your Biltmore photos and now put seeing it in the bucket list. Good to know to see it early, before the crowds. Thanks for that tip. Is it worth staying at the Inn?

    We spent the week in Charleston SC looking at houses and scouting out the town as plan B.

    1. The headline was a reach. Sorry.

      Yes, very much worth staying at the Inn. We booked the Christmas CandleLit package that included a ton- included daytime tour of house, free audio headphones, AND evening candlelit tour, Plus valet parking. Free breakfast buffet. Rooms with a view too. If it’s a once in a lifetime destination trip, it pays to do it up right. But certainly all can be seen and done on a regular budget too.

      Funny you should mention SC. While in NC we were told by our hosts that NC is turning a bit blue but SC is still solidly red. Would love to know what areas your looked at for houses.

      Speaking of politics, Rob Astorino lost to hateful Latimer. There’s no hope for Westchester County now. We’ll become a network of sanctuary cities. Our taxes will go up to pay for it all. I told my mother today we might need to leave Bedford sooner than planned. I don’t think I can stay here much longer. Ugh.

  2. Actually, Fri Nov 10 was not a legal holiday. Banks were open and mail was delivered. My research into this said that when Veterans Day falls on a Saturday, convention is that it is not a holiday on either Friday or Monday.

    Peter, let us know how you liked Charleston, SC. While beautiful, it always had the reputation as being a closed society to people whose families didn’t live there for generations, particularly the dreaded Yankees. Possibly they have been overwhelmed with so many northern immigrants that this is not so much an issue these days.

    1. RDW, we Googled the same, wondering when Veterans Day was the holiday. You are right, the answers were what you said but we we also found a link that said the opposite, that Friday was indeed the legal day. To wit, when we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts, a veteran was getting a free donut in honor of the holiday. And there was NO MAIL in the mailbox when we got home. Empty. Which led us to believe yesterday was a holiday for postmen.

      We had friends whose children went to College of Charleston and we visited Charleston a few times. Beautiful but agree, we felt unwelcome as New Yorkers.

    2. We had mixed feelings about Charleston. The historic downtown houses were gorgeous but some areas looked very run down and dirty. We went out to the beaches, Folly and others and loved those communities too. Our realtor was a transplanted Yankee (from Connecticut) and she did mention to us that old timers balk at yankee newcomers. My wife liked the area more than I did.

      1. We looked in Charleston, too. Also the area surrounding – Mt. Pleasant & Daniel island – & felt the chilly shoulder. We ended up in Beaufort which is about halfway between Savannah (crime ridden) & Charleston. Hilton Head & Bluffton which are both waaaaaay too crowded are just south of us. Beaufort is much more laid back & inclusive. It also has the advantage of having a very active & excellent OLLI program – Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Google it -it’s fantastic & I wouldn’t live anyplace that didn’t have one or something like it. AND nobody gives a damn about your politics.

        1. We stayed in Beaufort when we attended our son’s graduation from Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island. We weren’t there long and didn’t see much of Beaufort, but it did seem to have a nice downtown and good vibe. And if you want an uplifting experience, attend one of those boot camp graduations at Parris Island. Just find the huge We Make Marines sign, which you can’t miss, on a graduation day.

  3. 23 deg !!? Brrr bah humbug. Yesterday at Haulover Beach in north Miami, it was a gorgeous 90 degree day. Perfect !!

  4. Our local Library was closed yesterday, Friday, for Veterans Day. Can’t figure this Holiday out!
    I remember years ago going to the dry cleaners and he had a sign, on Veterans Day, that he’d give a discount to Veterans. I said I am a Veteran —- A Veteran of Life and I feel like I’ve been in a War. He gave me the 10% ’cause he thought I was funny!

  5. Mail was delivered yesterday but won’t be today. Schools and the library were closed yesterday and the library is closed today. Some stores are open regular hours but others won’t open until noon. The state says they cannot open before then but allows towns to permit earlier openings. Some states like MA do not celebrate Saturday holidays on the Friday before. Sunday holidays are celebrated on Monday.
    Veterans discounts are around but they vary a lot. Ocean State is giving 25% off this weekend to veterans. That’s a good deal if you need tarps and snow shovels. Pier 1 also has a 25% off deal. I think most if not all of the big box stores have veterans discounts this weekend. I don’t recall these in past years, maybe a free coffee or a donut.
    I thought the Neigh to the Dressage was very clever. I got it.
    Cold here. Odd to see so much green foliage when it’s 24 degrees out.

    1. So a federal holiday observance varies by state??? We assume no mail in our box last night meant NY had no delivery. Although, it’s now dawning on us that checking at 5:30 last night might have meant he hadn’t made this end of the delivery loop, not that there was no delivery. We’re going to the box now to see.

      The takeaway we got for Veterans Day discounts was *at participating stores*.
      The DD we were in along the road told the Veteran in his Army hat they were NOT a participating DD.

  6. Next time through Harrisburg, you have to stop and pick up some Schmidt’s sausage. Right off the interstate. My aunt there still has it shipped to me.

    1. Orrrrrrrr, your aunt could add me on her “mail sausage to” list. 😀

      For us, when on a long drive, stopping is rare except for gasoline and to pee. But with family in Reading, we will bribe them to take a trek to H’burg to bring Schmidt’s sausage when here for Thanksgiving.

      What makes Schmidt great? The ingredients?

      1. And the old family recipe. My fave is the hot sausage. Stick it in a crock pot with some sauerkraut for a couple of hours and you’ve got a great wintertime meal. Used to get “hunky” bread from the Serbian bakery to go with it. Bakery is still there in town and I think they even sell some of their stuff at the Schmidt’s store. Nut roll was a big seller. You can see all of their products on their website:

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