Road Trip Car Eye Candy

Sweet Studabaker heading to a new home. 

We’re making good time. Left North Carolina at 5:30. Now about 40 miles from Harrisburg PA. From Harrisburg it’s still a good 3+ hours to Bedford. We’ve only stopped once, at 9am, for coffee and gasoline. Probably will skip lunch but need to stop one more time for gasoline. 

Perfectly clear skies but lots of trucks going back home on a Friday. 

Happy Friday. 

CANDY two. Out of focus pic zooming by at 80mph but looks like very old Porsche. The truck hauling it said We Buy Porsche’s. 

Then this ugly ugly ugly NEW car like a squished bug. Mercy. 

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  1. Been there. About 25 years ago. We hired a driver with a 1954 Ford. It had been spray painted, inside & out, bright red. He was very proud of his car & told us they make the parts there. They can find someone, at least in Havana, who can repair or replace just about anything. They keep everything running as long as possible & are very resourceful at providing for themselves. They even refill Bic lighters when they’re empty. We send a postcard home to Naples from Havana (about 90 miles) which took 6 weeks to be delivered.

    1. You got into Cuba 25 years ago?? How did that happen? Some special visa as journalists or with a group? Or are you Canadian or other nationality?

      Awesome information. Thanks.

  2. We took part in a sailing “race” between Key West & Havana. The publisher of a sailing magazine out of Clearwater & the “Commodore” of Club Nautico (believe it or not – a yacht club west of Havana & located in Marina Hemingway) arranged it through the guise of a humanitarian visit. We all brought things like toothpaste & brushes, bath soap, aspirin, neosporin, shampoo, bandaids, old crutches & clothing. Stuff like that. It was all turned over to the “Commodore” who we were sure turned it over to the Cuban govt. It was a huge hassle. We had to get permission from the State Dept. & Coast Guard. In Cuba the boat was boarded & inspected by every gov’t. agency you can think of both arriving & departing. I was scared shitless the whole time (a week) but it was worth it as we got to see Cuba before the cruise ships arrived & flooded the place with tourists.

    It’s only 90 miles from Key West but it was like going back in time to a place that is about as poor as you can imagine. They had very little for us to spend any money on & we were prohibited by the US from spending American money but everything was priced in US dollars. We spent it anyway & I still have a bottle of some of the finest rum I’ve ever had. It was the same price as a hunk of really crappy velveeta type cheese.

    Our driver pointed the US Embassy to us on the way into Havana. It was staffed but it was supposed to be a secret. I felt a little more at ease knowing that if things hit the fan we had somewhere to go.

    1. What an incredible story!!!!! Wow. And what memories to keep. Were you allowed to take photos at any point that you kept? Probably not.

      I still have a maraca carved Cindy 1953 that my grandparents got when they went to Cuba back then, when it was a hip hot destination.

      1. There were no restrictions on photos – at least not on what we were photographing. I’ve got several tucked in an album somewhere.

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