Say Neigh to the Dressage*

We drove to nearby Mill Springs North Carolina to the Tryon International Equestrian Center where today was an event for young horses learning to jump. Not many others there today except owners and trainers. We had the place to ourselves basically.

We learned that the material in the ring is a combination of sand and FELT, yes FELT, as in the fabric. The ring is designed to drain with an underground filtering system. 

Even the bicycle stands are horse oriented!!!

The equestrian center grounds is blossoming into a full resort with rows of tiny houses, lots of RV hook ups and soon some log cabins. 


Off limits to us were the long row of stables. 

Rows of shops and restaurants too, all getting ready for the 2018 international main event here. A big deal.

This poor horse got laughed at, his gait a bit awkward. I thought he did just fine!!

*We took a vote about how many of you would get the post title. Given the level of sophistication of youz guyz, I’ma not gonna give youz any clues. No explanation is needed, right?????

Apologies for not responding to any of your comments in the previous posts. It’s rare for me to leave you all hanging without my retort. We’re just busy having fun fun fun with our best friends and loving North Carolina. 

We’re back on the road tomorrow morning back to 10506. Twelve hours. Ugh. We’ll check back in Saturday morning (ish). 

6 thoughts on “Say Neigh to the Dressage*

  1. The horse doesn’t want to do the steps or routine, or YOU don’t want to do the riding in a competition?

  2. You never fail to entertain and enlighten us with your travels. I could drive as far as Winterthur to see the Christmas decorations but I know I’d rather see Biltmore.

  3. I’ve loved this trip and Biltmore Christmas. The photos are so sharp and bright. Your new phone?

    I’m hopping a plane Monday for California for Thanksgiving and beyond.

    Hope your drive home is uneventful.

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