More More Biltmore, Christmas Wrapped

While we can barely breathe after an amazing three course dinner at the Inn at Biltmore (we took to heart your recommendation to have the ginger ice cream….more of our menu below), we first went to the 5:30 evening Candlelight Christmas Tour. We only did the first floor of candlelight because we’d taken the audio tour earlier in the day of the whole house and really only wanted to see the trees all lit and hear the carolers. 

Shellbelle, the choir tonight was the Hendersonville Choir so I put a close-up of their faces in case your mother-in-law might know anyone. 

The house was resplendent in Christmas and even though it’s not even Thanksgiving, it was a brilliant tactical move to come on a Tuesday and come so early after the place was decorated. No mobbed crowds. No long lines. The shuttle back to the Inn was always there. Easy peasy. 

Herewith, merriment, Biltmore Style. 

Dinner, oh my. Each of the four of us managed to order different foods in each of the three courses. Amuse bouche,  sunchoke soup with truffle. 

Appetizers: Crab soup. Foie Gras. Corn risotto. Seared octopus. 
Main: Rib eye, salmon, filet, rack of lamb. 

Desserts: chocolate gâteau, pear torte, opera cake, apple cake with the ginger ice cream. 

Plenty of alcohol. Elevator to the 6th floor. Stick a fork in me, we’re done. 

As for tonight’s election results I care about, disappointing to see Gillespie lost in Virginia. At last look, Astorino was behind but with only 5% vote tallied. DeBlasio won. Ugh. The Dem won in NJ too but his R opponent was pretty bad. Now surprise there. 

7 thoughts on “More More Biltmore, Christmas Wrapped

  1. Beautiful photos. I’ve been there at Christmas and love how the grounds are lit too. The trees etc. Lucky you picked a day when it was not mobbed because when we went, with my elderly parents, it was wall to wall walkers and canes.

    Local politics were mixed results. You’re lucky to be away.

  2. Looks just like my house ! Cocktails & dinner at the Inn is such a treat. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  3. What wonderful photos. I guess diet be damned, but how do you handle so much food after being so good with the calories?
    Are those “real” fires in all the fireplaces, I couldn’t tell from your pics? So how many trees decorated in all? I assume they are artificial trees.

  4. Beautiful & just what I need! I’m having trouble getting inspired for Christmas decorating this year. Usually it’s my favorite, but I’ve just been so busy and overwhelmed this year I’m feeling like it’s just one. More. Thing. I did put some outside lights up last weekend, but mainly because it’s so ridiculously dark!

    Politics are awful. So many Indivisible Greenwich/ march on people were elected in my district last night. And Litvack the progressive liberal, is selectman under Tesei. So, I figure he will use the next two years to garner support for a full takeover in 2019. Bah. Humbug.

    1. Ps, my husband has recommended I not read anything about politics, especially Chris’ blog, which will likely explode when he comes back.

  5. Thank you, EOS for the. choir pic! All your photos are breathtaking. They shall be my go-to snaps when I need Christmas inspiration this year. You truly did a great job.

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