The microwave. Two ovens. Bedside table. 

Thisssssss is Jeopardy.
Category: PAIN IN THE NECK for $600, Alex.

Brilliant twenty-day champ EOS bings in first.

What are four household things that don’t change the time back one hour automatically?? 

That is correct EOS. Crowd roars. She wins again. Record amount, $2.2million. 

EOS wakes up from dream. Manually sets microwave, two ovens back an hour. Plans to wait until later to change bedside flip clock. 

Stay tuned for two fabulous Earth Image sunrise and moon photos after this important commercial message from Black Rifle coffee. 

5 thoughts on “The microwave. Two ovens. Bedside table. 

    1. True enough. I knew that wasn’t automatic but adding would have made my headline tougher.

      Mr. EOS doesn’t bother changing his truck clock.

      UPDATE: My Audi changed time automatically. I don’t remember it doing that before so when I got in the car and it said 8:32, I had to go back inside to see what the house clocks said. 8:32. Yay.

      1. I was thinking and should have said don’t forget your car clocks,as it is kinda reads like what about/you forgot to mention cars,sorry about that.i have a small collection of 80’s early 90’s saabs and volvos and they still have analog clocks 😂

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