Saturday morning at Greenwich Point

From Earth Image, two beautiful photos from yesterday, the last of Daylight Saving Time days. 

Darkest 7am of the year, but glorious sunrise moon set.

Thanks EI. Your camera never fails. These are lovely. 

Happy Sunday. 

4 thoughts on “Saturday morning at Greenwich Point

  1. A few comments:

    A profound thanks to you, to your spirit and to your patient endurance for keeping Earth Ocean Sky going, even when at times it may have seemed not worth the time and effort.

    I came for the topics here (trees, butterflys, etc) and the wonderful photos (thanks be to ALL.) But I have stayed in part due to the fact that this is one of the last places known to me where persons with alternate views to the majority of left or right can find reasonable, peaceful discussion with just enough snark and humor to keep things interesting.

    As to cameras, I favor use of un-edited cell phone photos to quickly shoot “what you see, where you are.” I have used an iPhone7s for the past year, swapping pre-maturely out of a very satisfactory 6s, now attached to my OSMO Mobile, which is never as handy as the 7s in my pocket.

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