Friday Funday Foliage Fotos

Experimenting with the iPhone 8 Plus camera I see I have LOTS to learn. Bursts. Live. Zoom. This iPhone 5 loser has been living in the dark ages. I took a few pix while checking the back forty. Nothing so stellar you’ll want a copy but very pretty colors in the yard.

My three prized cherry trees are in various stages of fall. One is barely turning yellow while another is yellow and mostly bare. It must be how the sun hits or, or not.

Today is remarkably warm. Bright sunshine. Warm enough to throw open windows and turn off all heat. Hope it’s the same where you are.

Herewith, no running comment necessary. Happy Friday.







13 thoughts on “Friday Funday Foliage Fotos

    1. Gee, I see that too. Not sure what happened. Give me a few to try and fix it. I see quote marks. You too?

      UPDATE: Okay, I think I fixed it. I composed the post on the iPhone WordPress app and dropped pix in from camera. New to me why it didn’t work. Sorry but it should be there now.

  1. I see dead people 🙂

    I saw quote marks at first too. Photos now loud and clear. Very sharp too with new phone camera. Good job.

  2. Maybe not Audubon calendar stellar, but far better than anything I would take. I love autumn. Great photos. Bottom line, do you like your iPhone 8Plus?

    Did you see the lines in NYC today waiting for the X? You were smart to buy what and when you did.

    1. Did see long lines. Now way would I ever do that, for anything, ever. Well, maybe chocolate, or cape Cod white cheddar popcorn, free. I adore my iPhone 8Plus. Just exactly what I wanted and needed.

      Shocker too, I love the headphones. Usually earbuds don’t fit in my ears, or hurt, to the point that I still carry a pair of headband type headphones like the Granny I am. The headphones came with a dongle that I assumed I’d have to use but I just inserted the headphones into the charging port and voila, they work. I’m rocking to Jodeci and Midnight Star as I type. LOVE!!

      Just noticing not all my songs made its way to the phone in the iCloud back up and transfer. Hmmmm.

    1. Just seeing the news now. My first instinct is not surprised he got no jail time. Bergdahl’s lawyers wanted judge to accept that Bowe’s penalty was already served while a captive.

      It’s a sad ending to a case that was brought to light by Obama for the wrong reason. Who will forget thee Rose Garden, fawning over the parents? Makes me ill to think about it.

  3. Great pics! You’re just a regular Imogen Cunningham (without the nudes, of course). I’d still rather have a spiffy Leica (I can’t take a picture with my iPhone without it going into movie mode).

    1. I see myself more like the OTHER Imogen!

      I have my father’s old cameras, a Leica or two. One of these days I’ll start using film again. My sister’s older granddaughter only uses a film camera. My old Canon AE1 has a dozen lenses. It was so good.

      We laugh here that no phone from an iPhone is complete with a thumb.

  4. I can’t cut and paste it but check out the Texas restaurant who uses Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner pictures to designate their rest rooms!

      1. I’m just now seeing there was a kerfuffle over the restaurant doing this! I think it’s clever, funny, and wholly appropriate. If we are supposed to be accepting of all gender choices now, what’s to be offended about? I love it. But then again, I love Family Guy too. 🙂

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