Who’s Your Daddy??


It took a village of idiots to make yesterday’s purchase of my new iPhone 8 Plus happen, and a few extra urgent customer service phone calls this morning too, but here she is, in all her glory, dwarfing my iPhone 5. A really good quality case in a bright feminine color  adds to its beauty.

You Greenwich readers will appreciate this: it took me longer to find a parking space than it did to go into the Apple store, hand them my receipt, get my phone, and leave. I had to circle FOUR times before snagging a spot.

The Power On/Off switch is now on the right side, not at the top and I also haven’t figured out the right combination of tabs to take a screengrab photo, but otherwise, I’ve managed to tweak all the settings.

I had to delete and reinstall the WordPress app for it to recognize me. I had to call Cablevision to walk me through the settings of Sending Email. My phone has three email accounts on it, and each of the three could retrieve mail, but not send. The Cablevision guy had me fix it in no time. Good to go.

The really worrisome call was to Verizon. I got a text and an email telling me my Verizon Wireless plan was cancelled. I called and got a wonderful agent and I explained to her that I bought and cancelled one phone online and was THAT the reason for the email? Yes, she said, that was the reason, but that my account was fine, not cancelled.

I can’t decide what to do with the phone first. Photos? I hear the camera is awesome. I am liking the battery life. I tested it by leaving it ON all night, using it heavily this morning, and now at 10am, it’s at 63%. My old iPhone 5 was drained after an hour.

Thanks for suffering through so many iPhone posts. I promise to move to another topic soon. I’m thinking popcorn reviews. Hard-hitting news here. 🙂

Happy Thursday.


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  1. GreenWitch. I doubt that your phone rep falls into this category, but over the years I have sometimes heard old-timers here pronounce it that way (with no apparent irony intended).

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