Thanks Al Gore! 

Ah, the man who claims he invented the Internet gets my undying gratitude tonight for keeping Good things in the ether. 

Today, Donna Brazille released some excerpts from her new book and she threw Hillary under the bus, claiming Donna knew Hillary rigged the system against Bernie and for herself. 

Duh, my youngest granddaughter could have deduced that Hillary rigged the system. Dawg told me too. 

To add more humor to the whacky world of liberal politics, Elizabeth Warren was interviewed by Jake Tapper today and she, Elizabeth, agreed with Donna, the system was rigged for Hillary to win. 

Press the wayback Twitter button and voila, this gem. 

I can’t stop smiling. No comment from Hillary on this new twist. Yet. Who will she blame now? 

I’m curious though, if everyone knew HRC was rigging the system yet continued to endorse her and badmouth Bernie, then isn’t each of them a pile of sanctimonious excrement too? Asking rhetorically, of course. 

16 thoughts on “Thanks Al Gore! 

  1. When’s Biden going to say Hillary rigged HIM out of the process too? I’ll have my popcorn without white cheddar for that moment.

    Biden should be fuming because if anyone had a chance to win, it was Uncle Joe. Obama should b pissed too – Hillary’s loss took away all of Obama’s “legacy”.

    1. Good question about Joe. He has, in several occasions, made some unkind remarks about Hillary, her inability to relate to the common man.

      Biden’s daughter suggested Joe should run in 2020. My mom tells me Joe is very visible in Delaware, at events etc.

      Agree if anyone more than Bernie had a right to fume, it was Joe.

        1. That’s a good point. I read a whole long story about the DNC debt. There was much I didn’t know so glad you reminded me. Yes, Obama’s debt.

          PS: Thanks for stopping by. And commenting.

  2. There’s always peter Daou (sp?) to keep the liberal light burning brightly for Hillary.

    1. I missed that! Wow, so probably Jack at Twitter got fed up and pulled the plug only later to blame a flunky employee??

      UPDATE: Hearing the account was pulled by a Twitter employee gone rogue. A customer support employee in his last day.

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