Looks Like I Have to Cross the Border into Connecticut Today

Last night, after I placed the order for my iPhone 8+ online and realized, too late, that Next Day Shipping and Next Day Delivery are two very distinctly different things, meaning my phone wouldn’t arrive until next week, I opted to press the Chat Now button on Apple’s site to see if I could expedite the phone arrival.

Oh the humor of it all.


Before I could chat, I had to basically tell them everything about me. Name, rank, serial number. Okay, I get that part, they need to know I yam who I yam and not Popeye the Sailor Man but of the 19 minutes and 27 seconds we chatted, maybe one minute was actually answering my questions.

And the longer I waited for the chat person (robot for sure, in Mumbai) to answer my question, the more question marks I put at the end of my sentence!!

I spent a lot of time asking R U still there???


I was trying to ascertain if I could get the phone before Friday. A simple question, so I thought, but it seemed to hang them up.

So, this morning, with no order shipping update, I cancelled the online order and plan to pack up the car and make the long trek over the Andes to Greenwich, CT. They have the 8+ in stock. I have to first call my credit card company to make sure the cancelled order also didn’t leave a pending charge of $800 because most assuredly, if I go to Greenwich and place the identical order, the card will be flagged for fraud, especially two iPhones in 12 hours. I want Citi to know before I go.

The case I ordered has already shipped and will be here today and by day’s end, I will have the phone to go IN the case. I hope. My luck, I’ll get to Greenwich and the bloke right before me will have bought the last 8 Plus.

Fingers crossed. Have a great hump day.


15 thoughts on “Looks Like I Have to Cross the Border into Connecticut Today

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve done that Chat Now with several companies and always to no satisfaction. I think the agents are home cooking dinner and tending to the baby at the same time as they are answering our questions.

    1. I think it’s entirely possible the agents are at their own home. I see ads all the time for “Work From Home” being a customer service agent. The airlines and hotels advertise the most for those workers.

      Of course, they could also be helping from prison. There was a great old Law & Order episode where prison inmates were the customer service handling your personal credit card information.

      I got through to Citi easily this morning and they know I’m about to cross the border. I’m good to go.

      1. If the Greenwich store is sold out you could dash up to the new haven Apple Store.yale has a excellent art museum and there’s the ๐Ÿ• just please leave the city before dark!

    1. I’m not sure what time I’ll be in Greenwich because I have an appointment in town today before I can leave Bedford and I don’t know how long that meeting will go. I plan to dash to 06830 and back to 10506 as quickly as possible but thanks.

  2. With only a couple of exceptions, I have found online chat with companies to be frustrating and mostly a waste of time such that it is more productive to call and go through that drill. Something definitely wrong with that picture. Verizon and Amex do chat pretty well,but that’s all i can think of. Yes, it would be amusing if it wasn’t so tedious that you are logged in to your secure account passing through all that security and the chat people still do all the identity verification drill.

    1. Agree. I much prefer the conversation although places like Dell and Microsoft get an F in how they train their support peeps to enunciate. Mumble mumble.

      I had a fabulous agent today when I thought I was calling the Greenwich store. She was so good I asked her how I could give her high marks. She was diligent, patient, and very helpful.

    1. Yes, and that was my original error. I saw I had that option, but chose to have it shipped to me since I knew how to change SIM cards and didn’t need any tech help. It was only AFTER I chose the send to me option that I saw the delivery dates did not work. I was swimming upstream from that point on.

  3. Ah yes the frustration of customer service. I was ordering a wedding gift from Macy’s where the Bride & Groom is registered,. Gift was from their registry list. After doing the order off the computer, thinking hmmm, It never asked me to write a message or gift card. So I called. NO I had not checked the “gift” box to get a drop down screen to do such a thing. It was from the Gift Registry list, should be a default, no? Well, it was past the 30 minutes you can change the order, so the customer service person said I couldn’t change it to add a gift and yes, by the way the Bride & Groom would have to call to find out who the gift was from and yes the price of the gift would be sent with the package as it was a plain order. Nothing they could do to change that! I got off the phone & was very disappointed. So thought some more and called again and got a MUCH BETTER customer service person who suggested she could cancel the order all together and I could start again and get the right box and have it all turn out well. Which I did and felt so much better about. I said why didn’t the 1st customer service person suggest that and they said maybe they are new?
    moral of story. Call again and get a different Customer Service person and maybe a better solution….

    1. What a story SB!!! I have run into a problem with gift wrapping, missing the tab or drop down. Most shopping sites are not user friendly but your point is excellent, that from within a wedding registry, a gift card should be pinned boldly to the check out page.

      Good call to get a second opinion. Not sure that would have occurred to me.

  4. OT EOS, but I LOVED your comment over at the Greenwich Free Press. Well done!
    Particularly the remark about them engaging Chris once he returns from hunting. Heh! That ought to give them seizures.

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