Apple is Not the Apple of My eye

It’s more like mud.


Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I get home from my meeting and I decide, before I wend into Greenwich, I should call the store to make sure they have one.

I get a real person and I tell her what I want, and like all customer service agents, she parrots back my request “to make sure she understands”.

All is going well UNTIL she said “you’d like to pick up the phone in Green-Witch. That’s how she pronounced it.

I paused then asked her where she was because I told her she could not be from Greenwich pronouncing it GREENwitch.

Yes, she was in her pjs in Milwaukee or Kalamazoo, saying all the agents in the store were busy helping others.

Fast forward, Greenwich has an 8+ BUT she said I’d have to wait for a text message to go get it because the store is always busy. I said no problem, as long as it is today.

Then she said, how do you want to pay for this phone? I paused AGAIN, and said, well, I’ll pay for it when I pick it up. 

She countered and said she couldn’t hold the phone for me unless it was paid for and I said well sweetie, I’m not about to give YOU my credit card information over the phone. No way. She said, no problem and walked me through the process of finding the order in a bag under the Manage your Apple ID tab.

But wait, there’s more.

I get to that tab and security questions pop up that I am sure I never set. One was what is the last name of your favorite elementary school teacher. Like sure, I’m going to remember that??? Soooooooooooooo, in order to continue, I had to reset all the security questions.

Okay, we got that far. She walked me through finding the bag but in the bag was the phone I cancelled this morning and also the cover for which I’ve already paid. A $1700 total.

She walked me through how to delete all that. I had to adjust the tax total too because it defaulted to NY tax and not CT tax. Once done, I only had to click Place Order now.

I thanked her for her diligence and patience. Hung up. Clicked Place order Now and………………………………………………


Are you effing kidding me????????????? All that for nothing? I don’t know why there was a problem. It had no error message. Just said Sorry. So do I call back? Do I just go to the damn store??????????

Or do I keep my stupid old iPhone 5 and return thee 8+ cover? It’s only non and I’m pretty much fed up for the day!

6 thoughts on “Apple is Not the Apple of My eye

  1. That exactly why I ignored my husband’s request for me to go and get a new iPhone because mine kept losing its charge. I still miss my BlackBerry

    1. It was a long messy process but I am back in Bedford with my new phone, all synced and updated and ready to use. I love it. Worth the agony.

      1. Glad it all worked out. Verizon is shipping my iPhone, but, it’s delayed because it is out of stock. Do I care? I need some time to find an appropriate cover for it.

        1. Speaking of Verizon, I got three text messages from them this morning about my CANCELLED plan. Huh?? I am sure it is all because of the first iPhone order I bought and cancelled. Could be another long day.

        1. I really like. I’m still playing with the settings and this morning while it grabbed incoming mail it refused to send mail.

          I need coffee first.

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