iPhone 8 Plus it is

I just left the Verizon store in Bedford Hills, saw an 8 Plus iPhone and am going for it.

I liked the size and weight. Everything worked for me. Only weird thing, this Verizon franchise wouldn’t allow me to buy it outright, cash. Their store, for whatever reason, can only sell it to me if I finance it. How strange.

Once I get back to the house, I’ll order it online at Apple and have it by tomorrow. I know how to change the SIM card and my phone is already backed up into the iCloud.

Good to go. Yay!!

23 thoughts on “iPhone 8 Plus it is

  1. Good job! I need a new phone too …was going to wait it out for the X, but the wait may be too long

  2. Ha ha! I went backwards, I ordered an SE to replace my current SE. For me, cellphones are a necessary evil, so, I just want it to look good and work. Stupid Verizon charges a $30 upgrade fee just because they can – stupid me paid it.

    1. Well, you’ll certainly be richer than I. The 8+ was a neat $799 and I bought a case. Add tax title and undercoating, and my bill was just shy of $900. Yowsa.

      I ordered it online but I’m thinking I should have just run into Greenwich and picked it up. The order said Next Day Shipping but the confirmation email says Delivery November 6-8, when we’ll be in North Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh oh.

    1. Of course. What would Halloween be without Thriller? I heard it at least three times in the car while out today. Thanks!

      Michael Jackson was undoubtedly the king of pop. No matter that he was strange, he was extraordinarily talented. Heard an old Mariah Carey song in grocery store. She too, in her day, amazing.

      1. Don’t you wonder, with all the sexual harassment and pedo charges against current actors etc how MJ escaped going to jail himself. So many rumors of having sleepovers! He was strange, marrying Lisa Marie and then having children with a woman he didn’t choose to marry.

        I have every one of his CDs.

        1. That MJ wasn’t a pedophile? Too many “he’s” in your sentence. And that MJ was abused as a child? I read that Spacey’s fans are now saying his father abused him.

        2. Yes, MJ wasn’t a pedophile (may just have been weird-I dunno) and MJ may have been abused when he was younger (just being a performer at that age is abuse if you have stage parents).

          Spacey is another story altogether as are the Podestas and their friends and Pizzagate.

        3. That FG clip has gotten a lot of play in the last couple of days. It is raaaaaather telling that one more Hollywood Open Secret was not at all a secret.

          I have yet to find a FG clip that isn’t relevant to the mysteries of life. I saw an interview of Seth McFarlane not too long ago and he said the number one comment he gets is “I love the show but I hate your personal politics”.

  3. Are you hearing the news of the Lower Manhattan road rage/terrorist act? Channels are offering different scenarios.

      1. The news was very conflicted early on. Road rage. At bicyclists. I can understand that (kidding!) but then it changed to an act of terrorism, and of course the dreaded “lone wolf” phrase came out of asshat Cuomo’s mouth. There’s no such thing as a lone wolf. It’s all part and parcel of the mentality of Islam.

        Sweet endearing Linda Sansour told her followers today (and I do not and would not ever follow her tweets), that Muslims say Alluh Akbar every night. That the phrase is unrelated to terror. Oh my. She is a piece of work.

        1. That ad. I mean, is there anything more awful???????????????????? As you might expect, when Gillespie and others called out the opponents ad, the Left went into their usual “Press One Now for racist Islamaphobia”.

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