Even if I wanted to go out, I can’t get there from here.


  • Guard Hill Road is closed from Succabone Road to Clark Road
  • Stone Hill Road is closed from Old Stone Hill Road to Salem Road
  • Route 172 wires are down at Pound Ridge Road near Jingle Lane
  • Route #22 near St. Patrick school, only one lane is open
  • Pine Brook Road is blocked due to wires and trees
  • Route 121 at Upper Hook, closed due to tree down

What’s shocking is that the Bedford Central School district is telling parents to get kids to school even if bus can’t make it. Seems dead wrong to me. If trees are down, people without power, roads are closed…. but school officials call that an inconvenience the bus isn’t there?

Parents, if your child rides one of these routes, and the bus does not arrive within 15-20 minutes of the expected pick-up time, you will need to transport your child to school. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and cooperation.

The wind has picked up enormously in the last hour. One of my patio umbrellas came out of its base and went about ten feet. Power still out. I heard a limb snap but can’t see what came down.

The other storm is in Washington DC – Manfort and a person unknown to me, Robert Gates, indicted. Money laundering and the biggie, Conspiracy Against the United States. Not exactly an inconsequential indictment. I’m sure the Left has Trump wearing an orange jump suit. The Right is cautiously quiet this morning. Could be interesting to see what unfolds. Stay tuned.

18 thoughts on “Even if I wanted to go out, I can’t get there from here.

  1. I’m sorry that your power is out, but I’m in full pacing mode to see what happens to Manafort. Must See TV.

  2. Glad all went well with your Genny overnight. I think our power blipped out, clock was flashing this morning. But nothing major. Our dead birch tree crumbled a bit, maybe hubs will finally let me get it cleaned up.

    Where did you find the map with road blockages? That’s a useful thing!

    1. I created the map with the road closures. The list of the closures came from the Bedford Police Department and the school district alert to parents on its home page.

      Some of the info came from Nixle text alerts – I subscribe to Nixle, a service one’s police department subscribes too and it sends out text message alerts of road closures in your zip code. It’s an excellent service.

      Glad to learn your power isn’t out. We are often the first to go out and the last to get back on the grid because of our low density street and the high number of big old trees that can snap.

        1. I can think of a thousand times I’ve wished I could develop an app but I’m no coder. One of our kids has a friend who developed an app and recently sold it to Carlos Slim for something like $15million. Sweet.

  3. We got through lots of rain and wind down here yesterday. Today sunny.

    Lots of talk on the internet that Mueller is out to get Trump and this indictment is a dog and pony show. I hope not. I don’t like all the efforts to Fire Mueller by the uber right faction of the Rs. That serves no purpose in my mind. Let the man do his job. My only hope is that he doesn’t eliminate any indictments of the DNC.

    1. The WSJ comments are mixed about what the indictment means. In other words, no one knows yet and I suspect the trial, if there is one, will take a long time to get to.

    1. Yes, Podesta is linked to all this mess, a smarmier man I’ve never seen. I would have liked had Podesta been charged along with Manafort and Gates (and who is Gates and why is he important?).

        1. Short works with Michelle Malkin so very much a conservative. I think he’s on to something. Even networks now are mentioning the P name. 🙂

    1. i’m “working” from home this week and got to see sarah sanders run a press conference for the first time. i want to put a thought bubble on her funny faces when reporters ask stupid questions. she rolls her eyes well too.

      no one is making much of a deal about tony podesta stepping down but i did hear sarah say she thought the mueller investigation was nearing an end which tells me no collusion. a couple of reporters kept insisting it was collusion.

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