That’s the sweet sound of my Kohler whole house generator running and running and running.

Power went out a couple of hours ago. The rain has been torrential all afternoon and I’m guessing a tree has fallen somewhere such that the power has gone out.

Oh well. I’m thankful that I’m as snug as a bug in a rug.

More Mañana.

MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: Power back up. ConEdison trucks rolled through around 2 this morning. The rain, however, is still torrential. We’re smack under a patch of orange and red on the weather map. Higher winds now than last night. Looks like rain and wind all day.

Back to bed??

MONDAY UPDATE TWO: Power back off. Ironically, the outage happened just as it seemed storm was abating. Go figure. Street is pitch black although I know others who have generators. Maybe I’m the only one awake? I see no school cancellations which surprises me. Road closures are typical in this kind of storm.

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  1. Power is on but cable, internet and phone are out. It was a pretty wild night of wind. Some schools are closed. Rain has stopped. Sun is trying to emerge. Still windy.

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