Black Rifle Coffee + More Sound Beacher Photos = Winning.

The Black Rifle coffee assortment arrived yesterday and this morning I felt like Gunship. Mmmm. Very good. Smooth. No bitterness. The three I chose are from the Medium Roast collection. I didn’t know what to expect from what their idea of Light, Medium, and Dark Roasts so I started in the middle. Wise decision on my part.


What with all the rain today, much overnight, none right at the minute, much due later with high winds, it’s a perfect day to hang out at home, read, finish the Thanksgiving shopping lists, and in general, be a slug.

Sound Beacher is wooing us with Sunday Autumn pix.

Reminds me of the Wyeth painting Laura’s world.

Stamford lighthouse with sea grass in foreground

NYC skyline with spinnaker flying racing boats way off in the distance

Sunset view

Geese flying low over the water; are they flying south for the winter?

Autumn sky.  The light is just so crisp in the Fall  and the sunsets are beautiful!

Rain has picked up considerably in the last half hour but it’s quite warm. Five years ago today, Super Storm Sandy. Bedford was a hot mess of down trees. No power for well over a week. I checked my blog post back then and for whatever reason, the photo associated with the post is not there. Not sure what happened but trust me, it was bad.

Wishing everyone a sunnier Sunday than we hare having here along the East Coast.

5 thoughts on “Black Rifle Coffee + More Sound Beacher Photos = Winning.

  1. Sam’s Cam, niiice. Still good enough to sit outside to eat.
    Correction: Christina’s World is the Wyeth’s paintings name.

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