You snooze. You lose.

Overnight was the opening bell to pre-order Apple’s iPhone X.

I did NOT set the alarm for 2am but did try to order one this morning and all I got was Sorry Sweetie, the iPhone X is already Sold Out!!!

Good thing I have toasted banana bread and coffee to make up for that bad news. And noooooooo, the Black Rifle Coffee is not here yet either. Geez, taking way too long.

Nothing else major going on. I told the electric company thanks but no thanks to their high bid to string the Christmas tree. Twice called the guy who did it last year but no call back so I’m assuming he’s not in business anymore. Back to square one.

Daughter loved her new job first day yesterday. She laughed and told me she that in the pile of first day paperwork was a checklist of gender. She could choose not to choose a gender. She checked Female! Yay!!

Can’t decide if I should read through JFK files. Probably not.

Otherwise, Happy Friday. Sunny but chilly enough last night to turn the heat on in two rooms.

Time for more coffee. And more toasted banana bread!

9 thoughts on “You snooze. You lose.

  1. It’s an interesting world gender wise. Our local high school got rid of Homecoming King and Queen and instead voted for Ambassadors of the class. It’s still a popularity contest. I will give the kids credit for trying to be inclusive.
    I think we have bigger issues to deal with than gender but it does seem that everybody is walking on eggshells these days.

  2. I’m going to wait for iteration 2 of the iPhoneX, after all the bugs and kinks are worked out of this one. It’s nothing I’m in a rush to spend $1000 for.

    I’d like to read the JFK files but I hear some is still redacted. Might be an exercise in futility. With only Caroline alive, I doubt there’s much harm that can come of unredacted files. Speaking of Caroline, since Hillary lost and she had to give up her Japan ambassadorship, I wonder if she’s still thinking of running for NY Senator?

    1. Mr. EOS is going for the 7Plus today. His 5 shi* the bed – it doesn’t keep a charge for even an hour. He’s not interested in waiting for or paying for the X. So at least one of us will be the cool kid.

      Caroline did very quickly drop out of sight. That’s a good thing in my opinion. Her tweets from Japan showed her ignorance to their culture. It has to be very tough for her to be the only one alive. The loss of her brother seemed like yesterday and I remember so well all the airplanes and helicopters off the RI shore looking for his plane. It was concluded Jr’s hubris at (a) not creating a flight plan and (b) flying without enough instruction under his belt was what cost his life and the two others. One has to wonder if he would have run for and been elected to some office by now.

  3. Just went through the Iphone negotiation with my 15 yr old son. ‘Needed’ the X but when I made him go on line and compare that vs. the 8 and the 7, the 7 is just as good. Has the same chip as the X and therefore won’t become obsolete so fast. Frankly he only texts and plays games so he could you the original Iphone but it’s a status thing these days. I still have a 5c and works fine for me but is starting to crap out. The big question is how did everyone survive 10 years ago with blackberry and regular cell phones!?

    1. Great story.

      I LOVED my Blackberry and swore I’d never change, until I did. Remember the old flip phones? An older second cousin had a bag phone in his Caddy convertible way back in the early 1980s. We thought he he was so cool.

    1. Mr. EOS and I are equally confused. Mr. EOS is likely to opt for the 7 because he doesn’t like the fragility of the 8. The 8 can be charged wirelessly which means its back is not metal like our 5s. He’s got an otter box cover but doesn’t want to risk the 8 breaking. Also, he only uses his phone for texting and emailing.

      I, on the other hand, think I’ll opt for the 8Plus. I’m heavy on app use. Blogging. Photos. Camera.

      A friend just bought a 7 to upgrade his 5 and is unimpressed with the battery life of the 7. That’s not a good thing.

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