What could Possibly Go Wrong?

Amazon Prime announced Amazon Key, allowing someone else to unlock and open your door, because I guess you are too busy or something? 


I’m pretty tech savvy and I get that the door locks that open with an iPhone app are all the trend, but I can only see few real applications for it.

The dog walker. That makes sense. But it would mean you live in the suburbs, not in the city. If you lived in the city and you have a doorman, he’d let you in to get the dog or the housekeeper would tell the nanny to get the dog ready for the walkers.

If you live in a walk-up without a doorman, Amazon Key wouldn’t work at all because someone would have to buzz you into the building. Not going to happen.

If you live in the burbs, you likely have a back yard for the dog to run around in but if you don’t, then I suspect you’d know the dogwalker and give him a key to the house. Or maybe you shouldn’t have a dog if you are gone all day every day.

There’s no way I’d let a service man in the house without me there – not that in some instances I wouldn’t trust him, but what if the service call needs my opinion or something else needs to be opened. The app also presumes you don’t have a house alarm panel activated when you are gone.

I think Amazon Key is for lazy millennials who can’t seem to do anything – like grocery shop, hence Blue Apron. Even with Blue Apron doing the shopping and giving them the recipe, for the nights that’s too much, millennials order food with an app, hence GrubHub or UberEats.

Bottom line, I don’t see the target audience for Amazon Key. What am I missing??

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  1. Watched the video. I think that young woman needs to start with Amazon’s Wardrobe and Makeup Services first before going out to dine in any halfway decent restaurant.

  2. I don’t understand this at all. Amazon Fresh and FreshDirect will just leave the boxes at your door, nicely insulated from amazon.

    My husband wants to let a guy (he maintained our cedar roof last year but otherwise don’t know him from Job) paint the interior of our house while we’re in Florida, but that seems like madness to me!

    Change of pace, we are heading on a quick drive to Peekskill over the weekend. Do you or your lovely readers have any favorite spots to see and have lunch? We are thinking up route 9 and down 202.

    1. The painters while you are gone? I can see the merits on the face of it but I don’t see how it would work. You’d have to really really know and trust him, not just him, but any helpers he has. I never let the most trusted of my carpenters or workers have a house key. Just needs one thing to go wrong. Let me know who wins that discussion!!

      Speaking of Florida, has your community rebuilt, back up and fully running after the hurricane?

      Peekskill? Mmmm. If you went a little further, you could go to Storm King, or the town of Garrison (historic) and see Boscobel. Or go up to Beacon, go through the DIA: Beacon and stroll through the town of Beacon with TONS of really good restaurants.

      Warning: Route 202 is nothing but non-stop traffic lights and huge shopping centers. On a Saturday or Sunday, it’ll be slow going.

      1. Thanks for that 202 warning. We were planning a weekend to Chincoteague, but hubs vetoed it when he realized how much driving it was. So, now I get a three hour tour instead. 😕 Storm King has been on my to-do last, so maybe that will be it, but I’m not sure we have the time.

        Our community in Florida really lucked out. Only a handful of residences had structural damage, and it was mostly tree falls on lanai situations. The hotel had some flood damage on the ground floor and rooms needed to be remodeled, and one resturant On the beach had so much water damage it won’t be able to reopen this season. Mostly landscaping damage, which was extreme. Things can be replanted and regrown though, and the clubs insurance was good, so dues haven’t been impacted. It’s probably going to be sparse vs lush this year, but everyone is really thankful for the sound infrastructure.

        I am confident I will win the painter discussion, as hubs only wants to paint if it adds enough value to the house to offset the costs (which are absurdly high,) and it is a huge pain in the ass to me, so I’d rather just leave it for the next guy.

  3. What can go wrong?
    The Amazon Drone delivery meets the Amazon Key…….like a wild bird loose in your house….
    And your dog is home

    1. Exactly. I can see that scenario playing out. Had any stranger entered our house when Dawg was alive and before she became deaf, she would have scared the Key person to death.

  4. Culinary institute of America in New Hyde Park, if you’re anywhere near there for lunch. Awesome place. Reasonable, excellent food, and excellent service. Four different types of food/restaurants. Make a reservation ahead of time. A wonderful experience. And check out the campus at the same time.

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