Dont’cha Just Love it when this happens?

Your’re sitting home, paying bills, doing laundry, making Thanksgiving shopping lists, when the doorbell rings, and it’s you favorite neighbor….holding a hot out of the oven banana bread. And trust me, she’s Southern and KNOWS how to make banana bread.

The bread is even smiling at me. See? 

Of course, after I hugged and thanked her, I had to check for myself that this batch was as good as all the other’s she’s made for us over the years. Yep. Good. The end piece. With a smidge of butter.

How’s the diet going you’ve been on, you ask? I say, None of your beeswax. Pass the knife!

13 thoughts on “Dont’cha Just Love it when this happens?

    1. I try and eat a banana a day. My dad did too. Potassium. Mmmmm.
      A few weeks ago on TCM was an old movie that had a mega Rockettes-like dancing scene in it and all the women were holding and waving around giant bananas. I’m laughing even typing this. It was one of those Cesar Romero Esther Williams Rio kind of movies. I’ll see if I can find it. I didn’t have my phone or a camera at hand when it was on. It’s classic.

        1. That’s it! Of course Carmen Miranda. There’s a museum for her in Rio but it was closed on the day we had enough free time to see it. She’s a national treasure there.

          The dancing banana routine is “very unique”. 😂😂😂

        2. How is it possible that caelestis didn’t link us to the Miranda movie clip? The man knows everything.

          I guess Miranda was so synonymous with the banana that no one thought anything about swinging giant bananas in a chorus line.

        3. Actually, Jane, I got to the Chiquita ad from the clips for The Gang’s All Here. Figured I’d get the “meh” from our erstwhile hostess if I linked Carmen , so, there it is.

        4. I fear I’ve hurt your feelings because of my occasional ‘meh’ reviews. Never fear sir, you have my undying respect and admiration, and even a dose of love, for all you add here. The clips. The snark. The images. No ‘meh’ in that!!! Capisce??

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