I Didn’t Think I’d Have to pack Waders

Holy cow, western North Carolina got whomped Monday with rains – not just rain rain, but flooding damaging rains. Right where we’ll be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biltmore Village, NC
Henderson County. Photo from Citizen-Journal.

Hendersonville got hit hard – ShelleBelle, your mom is there. Is she OK?

Closer to where we’ll be staying, the famous Chimney Rock Park is closed until further notice when the rains ripped apart part of the parking lot. Actually, this is exactly where I parked when I climbed up Chimney Rock last time in this neck of the woods. My car would have been toast.



The rains seems to have subsided so we’ll be good to go without packing our rubbers, but golly, what a hot mess.


6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Think I’d Have to pack Waders

  1. Good timing posting this. The rains affected our drive back to Miami – we had hoped to enjoy a leg or two of the Blue Ridge Parkway but some of it was closed so we took interstate all the way and saw many cliffs badly damaged.

    We loved Boone and all of western NC but after looking for homes to buy, we didn’t see ourselves living in a log cabin or way up in the mountains far away from town. We’ve come home with Boone off the list. Onward.

    1. Peter! I was so hoping you’d check in. Thanks for your Boone review and where you all stand on the move. Who knows, after this winter in the Miami sunshine, maybe your wife will feel more love for Florida. Glad you are home safe and sound.

    1. LOVE that. It’s so true.

      The only issue I had with that clip is that it was sponsored by Alzheimer’s research. I still got all my marbles, thankfully!

  2. You are so nice to ask, EOS! The mom in law lives at the top of her very own mountain so she is OK.
    The fact that she is an older woman living by herself, so far removed from other people or help should she need it, is another story.
    I think she likes to give us something to worry about.

    1. Thanks SBelle. I knew someone was there. Sorry that I thought it was your mom. But glad your m-i-l is okay up atop her mountain. I was surprised, in Googling the floods Monday, I found many years worth of news footage from previous floods in the same area.

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