14 thoughts on “Ain’t This A’Shame

    1. I’d forgotten that he’d been declared dead after Katrina!!

      Fabulous he was among the first honorees at the Hall of Fame. He found his thrill, that’s for sure.

  1. He quit school at age 14, and worked days in a factory while playing and singing in local juke joints at night. In 1949, Domino was playing at the Hideaway Club for $3 a week when he was signed by Imperial record company.

    He recorded his first song, The Fat Man, in the back of a tiny French Quarter recording studio.

    “They call me the Fat Man, because I weigh 200 pounds,” he sang. “All the girls, they love me, ’cause I know my way around.”

    1. Black musicians had a tough road back in the day. You hear stories of how they weren’t allowed to play in certain clubs or stay at the same hotels as white bands/acts. That he prevailed says as much about his character as it does about his talent.

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