Daughter Knew Best


After turning down what the rest of us thought was the job of the century with the best restaurant group in the city, she got a lead for a job entirely unrelated to her restaurant career but using the management skillset. And today, she got hired!!

Get this: The job is Monday – Friday, a concept foreign to our daughter who for years worked weekends, and many holidays. Big money starting salary. Full benefits. A 401k. Paid vacations.

It’s a whole new world. I’ll know more tomorrow when she comes up. I haven’t even asked what her title is and what her job description is. I just know she’s thrilled – thrilled beyond belief. The company is very well known and she gets to use her creative side talents.



21 thoughts on “Daughter Knew Best

  1. Wonderful news! Especially on a dreary day when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life and hopeless about local politics. Even though I don’t know your daughter, ( I’m sure she must be wonderful, as you are her mom) this gives me reassurance that all is indeed right with the world.

    1. All politics today seem hopeless. With Whiners Corker and now Flake complaining Trump is setting the wrong tone, and the media wetting their pants to air anything negative about Trump, My TV is off. And might stay off for the near term. It’s ugly. Local politics are dirty here too. The Dems are smearing Rob Astorino our county executive- a full out hate campaign. It’s bad.
      My kids are really good workers and manage to climb the ladder in their respective fields. I think it comes from having so much street smarts and life experience. Not a snowflake among them.

    1. The time between her second interview and today’s Yes seemed like an eternity. She was ready to pull out her hair. Pacing. Fretting.
      We’re very happy for her that she’s found something she feels is a good fit to her talents.

      1. Delighted to learn that she is also “thrilled” to have successfully “landed” the career swing.
        The time, minutes and hours between serious “job” interview/contract, the stages are always excruciating…relatively different for everyone involved.
        And funny/how ironic to think about what will go through her head now whenever she walks into any restaurant for the first time?
        Poignant Point, huh

        1. All good points. If she weren’t coming up here tomorrow, we might have taken her to lunch at the restaurant she turned down. That would have been funnnnnnn!!

  2. This is what we all hope for with our adult children! Trusting them to make good decisions. Well done Mr and Mrs EOS

  3. As I said before, she’s one smart cookie. It’s wonderful to hear someone recognized her talents and is willing to pay well for them. Hooray for the kid! Let the celebration begin.

    1. We’re trying to decide where to go for lunch tomorrow. Like the rest of us, she’s a breakfast devotee so we may find a diner. Or sushi. Or Indian.

      1. Lakeside Diner (Stamford, Long Ridge Road, just before the Merritt), has very decent omelets and pancakes (but not genuine maple syrup for the latter, sadly), and the best donuts in SW CT, according to can article in today’s Greenwich Time. for years, I used to have breakfast with friends there on Saturday mornings and can attest to the quality of the food, especially the donuts, but you probably want to get there before 8:00 to ensure a table, and that may pose a challenge: daughter who just scored a dream job may want to reward herself by sleeping in.

        But I’m so glad for her, and for you and Mr. Eos; nice when things work out.

        1. Actually, just last week when she was nervously pacing to hear back she called me early to see if I could meet her there. We’ve been eating at Lakeside forever (and know to bring a flask of real maple syrup!). Alas the day she wanted to go, my car and I were in Greenwich by 7am, getting it serviced. And those donuts, crazy good.
          Lakeside is on the short list for tomorrow. Thanks.

  4. Wonderful news about your daughter. It’s tough out there.
    You must be very proud! Congratulations to all of you🙏

    1. Thanks LJ. Honestly, and I believe this with all my heart, my kids do well out there in the tough world of jobs because their heads are firmly planted in reality. They can chew gum and cross the street. Plus, they aren’t afraid of hard work.

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