♫ ♫ Autumn in New York ♫♫

Autumn foliage photo from CosHarbour’s back patio…… does it get any prettier? I don’t think so.

As I typed the headline I was trying to sing the lyrics to the great old tune, Googled it and came up with many renditions of it. I can’t decide which I like the best. Billie Holiday made it famous I think but Ella and Louie, wow. But there’s Frank, and a few others.

Billie Holiday:

To me, NO ONE ever ever sang better than Ella Fitzgerald but I was weaned on her records – my dad loved her timing and lilt. I agree.

But of course, Frank, his timing was superb too.

Even this rendition, without lyrics, is lyrical, by the amazing Modern Jazz Quartet

Interesting that not one of the four versions I included show actual footage of the performance – just the audio. I hope someone has it somewhere, maybe there’s a museum of music, because this generation has to see what real talent is. Justin Beiber doesn’t cut it in my book.

Happy Monday.

20 thoughts on “♫ ♫ Autumn in New York ♫♫

  1. No colors like that in Greenwich. Much more muted tones. Beautiful Cos.

    Ella for me. I never liked Billie Holiday’s voice.

    1. That video is jazz sacrilege. The creator should be shot. Which, as an aside, is what should happen to Bergdahl. Life in jail at our expense is too kind to a traitor who now says he was treated better by the Taliban than the US.

  2. A couple of links, not your top four, but not Justin Bieber either. Best I could do. This was a tough assignment.

    1. Anon, You won’t believe this but honest injun, just this morning early, I googled Gordon MacCrae. Why you ask? Last night flipping TV channels, I landed on a Buzzr game show called Tattletales – Hollywood couples answering questions. One couple was Meredith MacCrae and Greg Mullavey. I remembered that Meredith died very young from brain cancer but I didn’t know if her parents, Gordon and Sheila were still alive. I read Sheila’s obit first, she lived to age 92, and in her obit she talked about how brutal her years of marriage were to Gordon – that he was a serious drinker and gambler. So when I saw that clip, having just read nasty things about Gordon, it tainted my view of his rendition of the song. What are the odds?

      I like the jazz one a lot. Thanks for taking the challenge and producing two great new additions.

      1. Interesting, I didn’t know that about Gordon. This certainly seems to be the season of people’s private behaviors coming to the fore.

        Another one for the “lightning strikes twice” department: yesterday as I was reading your post about washing windows, my wife was downstairs washing windows, a task she very rarely undertakes.

        1. Actually, I think it’s less “the season for people’s private behaviors coming to the fore” and more the MEDIA begging for it, and publicity greedy people willing to tell a tale that may or may not be true. The WSJ’s article on Fidelity having an environment of harassment or bullying brought about some interesting comments, many of which said what I just did – it’s easy to SAY so and so did this ten years ago, get TMZ to report it, but then try and prove it in court.

          Hope your wife did a better job cleaning windows than I did, but looking at the mess I made, a chimp and two monkey’s could have done better than I. It’s going to rain the rest of the week so my work was for naught.

    1. Meh. Especially the second link. Hardly recognizable as Autumn in New York. Here I figured you’d post a Family Guy version. Peter and Quagmire duet. Piano and giggetty giggetty.

        1. Okay, I know you’re a genius and a walking Wikipedia, but how on earth did you know that Paul and Jo had alter egos as a bad lounge act?? That’s tournament of champions final jeopardy kind of knowledge. Impressive.

        2. Honestly can’t remember, but it has been awhile. I am a devotee of the Jonathan Channel on WQXR (even though that bastard is mega anti-Trump) and he might have brought it up recently because I was sampling some of their stuff a month ago.

          Did you know that Ethel Merman got into the disco craze?

        3. I don’t get much/any reception of WQXR up here in the hinterlands. It’s too close on the dial to a station in CT. I’m not in the habit yet of streaming, movies or music, so WQXR and it’s excellent music and hosts goes by the wayside. Wish they had a Sirius channel.

          As for Ethel, yes, regrettably I knew she did some disco. The movie of the same name is saved on my DVR. The stars in it are among my favorites. So much real singing and dancing. Ethel was a breed unto herself. I’ve thought someone should take the movie There’s No Business and put it on Broadway today but I doubt anyone could carry Ethel’s role, or Dan Dailey, Donald O’Connor… & Marilyn Monroe!!

  3. If your dad was an Ella fan, George Shearing must have been on the LP shelf. Shearing was my father’s favorite.

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