They Were Cleaner Before I Cleaned them

It’s so gorgeous outside I decided to get busy washing some windows I can reach without a ladder and thought I was doing a fabulous job………. until I stepped back and looked.

Holy cow. I can’t even blame this mess on the grandchildren.


I promise, I’m not drunk either. It’s Sunday at 1:50pm and the strongest thing I’ve had is coffee.

I think it’s combination of the newspaper and towel I used. No paper towels, but a cloth dish towel to dry. Newspaper to clean (that’s how I was taught).

Honestly, I had to laugh – that’s how bad they are.

Hope everyone on the East with this extra dose of sunshine is outside. It’s stellar. I’ll be up and out early tomorrow morning to get the car brakes done so if you don’t hear from me first thing, carry on.


21 thoughts on “They Were Cleaner Before I Cleaned them

  1. The newspaper must have been the New York Times for your windows to be that messy.

    One word: squeegee.

    1. I wouldn’t even use the NYT for washing my dirty windows.

      Squeegee is what I need. I have one I use for the shower glass but didn’t want to appropriate it for windows.

  2. You still have so many leaves on the trees. Looks more like end of September than end of October.

    I have people to do my windows for the very reason you are laughing at the mess you made.

    1. True about leaves. My landscaping contract is usually done by early November. I think they’ll be coming far closer to Thanksgiving to blow away leaves.

    1. Ha. Ya had to go and notice the lamp post. Long story about that. In the old layout of the house, there was a balcony off the master bedroom that went to stairs down to the pool. Every time we renovated we had on the list, dig up old lamppost. There was a switch to it inside the master bedroom. No more. And the post still stands. One day we’ll take it out. It’s kind of a funny reminder to what this little old house looked like when we bought it.

    2. PS: Good and Plenty, all day every day.
      Red hots.

      Then chocolate-
      Reece’s PB cups.
      Almond Joy
      I saw a tweet with Gluten Free NonGMO all natural colorings and flavor Candy Corn. Poor kids whose parents hand that out. Probably same parents who worry that kids costume has cultural appropriation or racial overtones. OY.

      But most of all I say, when in doubt about what to hand out Halloween night, there’s always salad.

        1. Do people still TP houses anymore? Probably not. I’m proud to say that infraction is not on my juvie record.

          We did have mischief night which I think was the night before Halloween, but I don’t remember creating any mischief.

        1. I definitely remember that Turkish taffy. Banana was my go-to flavor but it was brutal on teeth. They sold taffy at the movies in the day when parents dropped kids off at the movies with $1.00 and that was enough for admission and candy.

  3. Use a Lint-free cloth if you don’t have squeegee. The residue on the windows looks like cotton cloth lint to me.

  4. OMG. Never use newspaper it leaves fine scratches. Think very mild abrasive. Stay away from anything with ammonia too, especially mirrors. Over long periods of time it leaves glass hazy.

    1. Everyone I know uses crumpled up newspaper. Not the professional window washers I have but most others.

      I Googled it and it’s about 50-50 myth to fact that newspaper is good.

  5. I think dirty windows keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Before long, we’ll be back to standard time and it won’t matter if windows aren’t washed by then. Any entertaining will be done when it’s dark. Only a rude guest would mention the windows. When I do get around to cleaning them, Windex outdoor works well enough for the exterior and regular old Windex and a microfiber cloth for inside.
    Housekeeping isn’t my strong suit. As long as kitchen, bathrooms and linens are clean, I’m good.
    Mini salad- funsize for trick or treaters? Yeah, right.

    1. I love clean windows and since it’s impossible in RI with salt air and constant wind, here is where I try to keep them somewhat clean. I used to have the window washers come twice a year. Then once a year. And now once every other year so I’m coming over to your way of thinking.

      PS: The fun size salad is not real but the photo went viral to the degree that Dole had to make a statement. Very clever whoever created it. Kudos.

      1. It seems newspaper isn’t what it used to be….

        Back in the day, newspaper print was made using carbon black, or lamp black – that was the part of the newspaper which was responsible for actually polishing glass surfaces (and also why using a newspaper was SO effective) – however, now latex is used, and this will just smear the soap on your glass.. 🙂

        So I delved deeper…

        Newspaper ink is used in the printing of newspapers for daily distribution and reading. For decades, these inks were made using a petroleum-based vehicle that could dry fairly quickly and create quality printed images and text. As petroleum became more costly, however, efforts were made to find alternatives. This led to the development of several different organic oil compounds for use in creating ink, with soybean oil being the preferred vehicle that is now used by many of the major newspapers in the United States (US).

        Enough investigation
        I am discarding the belief that newspaper cleans windows

        1. It seems newspaper isn’t what it used to be…”

          In many ways more than one!!

          Interesting about the ink. My mother used to use blank newspaper paper that came on a giant roll that we used for crafts. I remember buying such rolls too when the kids were little so many that’s what I used more often than the NYT or WSJ.

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