EOS Weekend Pix

When your kids are kind enough to remember that their Old Ma is a blogger, always in search of good photos. They obliged. In spades. Enjoy.

Out and about – First up, Storm King when no one else was there…





Then, The AIA Classic Harbor Line Architecture Boat Tour

Heading down around the south tip of Manhattan, looking north

The old ferry port at South Street. They built a new one to its left (that you can kind of see the tip of). Our guide told us that they are creating a hotel on top of the older one, that the glass on the top is going to be a lobby or lounge of sorts…I believe they will be building straight on top of the station…cool

The old Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg on the waterfront. The waterfront is being developed into lots of glass high-rises and there  is lots of push back about the fact that they are turning the SF into condos. This was a cool image that shows the old SF next to the newly transformed condo building. 

Up on the Harlem River, just an image of the average age of the guests. The guy in the hat with the mic towards the back was our guide, I didn’t get a better picture of him 

Columbia University sports complex. This area was BY FAR the most beautiful on the whole tour, I had NO idea there was landscape like this in NYC. The Freshman Crew team is responsible for the upkeep of the blue C painted on the rocks every year…

These two are after we rounded the bend from the Harlem River and entered the Hudson River. Heading back down south with the city and the GW Bridge in the background. By far the roughest water the whole tip (as you can see) 


14 thoughts on “EOS Weekend Pix

  1. I’ve taken the AIA boat tour myself and was mesmerized the entire trip. I’ve lived in NY my whole life and was seeing things I’d never noticed before. It’s a must for anyone.

    Fabulous photos.

  2. Thank-you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures of New York and the beauty that surrounds the bustling city. I especially tuned in because Englewood was my home growing up. The Palisades becken. I tell my friends how lovely and calming they were and,magically,
    still are.

    1. Jersey Girl. Exit 1 Palisades Parkway. Englewood and Englewood Cliffs. Haven’t been into Englewood for 100 years. Is it thriving as a commuter town to Manhattan?

  3. Praiseworthy pics! Those AIA tours look like a great way to see some of those buildings that can only be appreciated by stepping back and seeing their entirety (usually not possible from any street location).
    The Domino Sugar factory is interesting as a ruin in a modern day metropolis (not to mention the Havemeyer connection). This photographer has a good selection of pictures of the interior:


    1. I had a whole long reply typed but hit some key and not only was my reply gone but your comment was sent to Trash. I had to go into Admin to retrieve it and alas, my reply was not attached.

      LSS, what a photographer. Make sure you click About This Project in the link (at bottom) and see how he got permission to get into building. There’s such an eeriness to time warp photos and Paul nailed it.

      I said to myself, self, these prints would make fabulous Christmas presents for the NYC clan. Then I saw the price tag, unframed. So much for that idea. I’ll see if the book is out.

      Thanks for the link.

  4. We did this AIA boat tour a few years ago with our almost adult children. It was so great and for a few dollars more so much better than the cattle car Circle Line tour I took once when I first moved into Manhattan. I don’t know why more people don’t choose this over the Circle Line. There is also a great Chicago Architecture boat tour I took once which I highly recommend if in the area, though I am too lazy to google the link.

    1. Agree. NYC does many great architecture tours, walking tours as well as this boat tour. The guide is a a retired architect who loved what he was doing.

      I’ve taken the Chicago architecture boat tour when one kid lived in Chicago. Most excellent. Only problem, the city lived up to its name the day I took it – it was Windy as hell.

        1. Ewww! But this harkens to the old days. As they explain on the tour, there was a lot of sickness in Chicago when it was an emerging city as the Chicago river where the tour takes place was polluted from the slaughterhouses and the river was the source of the drinking water. Then somehow they figured out how to reverse the flow of the river, such that it flowed south rather than north into Lake Michigan. The city was then able to use the clean Lake Michigan water for drinking water and the polluted water was the problem of the people downstream and south of Chicago.

  5. Hope you got outside today. It was summer-like by early afternoon. No sweater or jacket needed.

    I debated about getting myself a pied-a-terre in the city to get more time to do things like this bot trip and theater but after I calculated the costs of buying the apartment and maintenance, I could hire a chauffeured car every day for a year and still be ahead of the game. I do love the city though.

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