Going For It


The Christmas tree outdoor light electrician expert was here this morning. We talked for almost an hour of what my options are, what his thoughts were about double stranding, about taking the lights down after Christmas, about what brand of lights, about how many strands, about how to make the tree look full…..

He does many outdoor trees and never double strands. He only has one or two customers who take down lights over the winter. Most don’t. He loves the GE LED true color lights and uses them himself. He wants me to have at least twenty+ strands at the ready to string. I think there are 12+/- there now. We talked about the load on the outlet. No problem. Twenty-five strands can be combined.

The glitch is their company bucket truck isn’t tall enough to they have to borrow a truck but he said they’ve done this before and no problem.

I told him I want it done before Thanksgiving. No problem. He prefers it that way. The only thing I don’t know yet is what it till cost. Minor detail.

Oh, and the other question is do I use C9 or C7 bulbs.
C9s measure just under 3″, while C7s are just over 2″, base to tip. The bulbs are similar in look, though C9s are used for a retro appearance while C7s are more modern.

I have C7s up now. The bigger bulb might be too big? Like the 1950s tree bulbs we all grew up with?

Anyway, I am glad I decided to bite the bullet and do this. I like the electrician. He himself is the one coming to string the tree. He said he loves Christmas too, understands how I want the tree to look. This will be one of those bills where I close my eyes and use my father’s favorite expression: it’s only money. Fitting, as he died ten years ago yesterday. A whole decade. My mom misses him terribly. We do too.

Happy Friday.

10 thoughts on “Going For It

  1. Does the electrician know someone who could clean your gutters? Wouldn’t hurt to ask.
    I’m glad you like the electrician and bet your tree will look like a million bucks when it is done. As for the cost, listen to your Dad. Write the check and forget about it. Next year, all you’ll need to do is turn on the lights. Easy.

    1. I scheduled a date for the gutter men after Thanksgiving.

      No call back from electric company as to price and if they can do it but I did order online from Home Depot 25 strands of the C7 GE lights. Gotta do something to protect what little value there is in our GE stock.

  2. Hello from Boone NC. We had real trouble finding a hotel because this weekend is Family weekend at Appalachian State – their football home game is against a college I’ve never heard of – Coastal Carolina – the town is hopping and we love the vibe, We’re going house hunting tomorrow to see what our budget can get us. We’re here through Tuesday then back to Miami to see if Boone stays on the finals list.

    Snow comes to Boone in the winter so we have to decide if we want to return to snow boots and shovels or stay someplace warm. Wife said she is done with Miami no matter where we go.

    1. Wow. Enjoy. Do try and take a tour of the campus. Or at least walk around yourself. I was gobsmacked how huge and beautiful the campus is.

      Can’t wait to hear about house hunting.

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