She Who Procrastinates is Screwed

Guess who didn’t call the gutter cleaners far enough in advance to get on their schedule in November?  Me!!!!!!!!!! They are fully booked through the end of November – their earliest opening is the first week of December.

I asked if I could be put on a cancellation list for an earlier date (pre-Thanksgiving so the house would look good for guests and Mom’s birthday) and heard a little chuckle – he said, you and the ten others? There was nothing I could say at that point. 

Now that I’ve royally messed up getting the gutters cleaned on time, it also screws the timing of having the windows washed. No sense in having the windows washed before the gutters because gutter cleaning can be messy if there’s accumulated muddy goop in the gutter too.

I’ll just go stand in the corner now. The windows I can do by myself but we don’t do gutters anymore – it’s much easier to pick up the phone and get others to do that.

Note to self: call sooner next year. Oy.


5 thoughts on “She Who Procrastinates is Screwed

  1. Why not call a local landscaper/lawn guy…just about any lawn guy with a leaf blower will just get up on the roof and blow the gutters clean in minutes. I’d recommend our lawn guy, but I don’t believe he travels that far north from Greenwich.

    1. For years I had one guy clean the gutters. Years. Then he retired. My own landscaper is not interested in adding gutter cleaning to his list. I don’t want someone here who isn’t bonded and insured so that eliminates the guy with a leaf blower. The ppl I use now are excellent. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s my own dumb fault for waiting so long to call. I’ve called them back and taken the November 27 date before it’s gone. Maybe it’ll snow on thanksgiving and my guests won’t notice the gutters are full.

  2. I think there’s growth potential in the gutter cleaning business judging by how hard it is to find someone to don heavy duty gloves, climb a ladder and remove leaves and debris from gutters. Considering the time, training and complexity involved, a gutter cleaner is more than amply compensated. The old supply and demand principle.
    Last year I had to find a new person to perform the job. He came, looked at the gutters and named a price. I agreed and foolishly paid thinking that was a good incentive to show up. He sent his worker a couple of days later. Worker complained my gutters were dirty and filled with leaves so he left. Honest. Employer promised to return. Guess how that turned out.
    Mr S cleaned most of the gutters in the spring. Leaves are still on trees here. I haven’t found anyone to clean the gutters once trees are bare.

    1. I know I shouldn’t, but I’m laughing at your story. Laughing only because as homeowners, we’ve all been there with workers who don’t work out!

      I see signs for gutter cleaning. I called one last year and he told me (a) he couldn’t get to me for a year and (b) when he did arrive, his price was something like $695. I laughed. And hung up. I used to pay $275 per time for the man I used for years. He was a bit of a bull in a china shop, sloppy, messing my windows more than need be but he came on time as promised so I stuck with him. After he quit, I went a year without any cleaning then I called ARCO Cleaning in Mount Kisco who does just about everything. Their two gutter guys came, they charge $100/hour for the pair, not for each man, they were done in an hour and a half. The bill was $161 and I have them a $50 tip. They were excellent. Immaculate. Not one drop in my windows and the gutters were a mess. THAT’S why they have a waitlist. They are worth the wait.

      I suspect the gutter cleaning business has too short an earning period to have more people making it their sole business.

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