Life, Unhinged

Case #1: Rep. Frederika Wilson, (D, for Duh – Florida) getting her fifteen minutes of fame accusing Trump of not speaking with families of killed military at attack in Niger. I guess Wilson is accusing Trump of calling the soldier “my guy”. MSNBC and CNN have run this story all day, playing it for all they can because they hate Trump. 

I note that Rep. Wilson subscribes to the Cowboy Hat of the Month Club at QVC, sporting ones to match every outfit. Nice touch! 🙂

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, my favorite EVER Press Secretary, takes no prisoners and doesn’t put up with any guff from reporters. She called Rep. Wilson’s comments disgusting and appalling. True, but msm will say Sanders is a racist. 

Case #2: This one is totally bizarro, more bizarro than the unhinged Left is normally. Some guy on Twitter, Joe Vargas, is claiming Melania has a double and that she was NOT standing next to Donald last week. 


He goes into a long Twitter thread outlining why the woman in the sunglasses is NOT Melania. He thinks the nose on the woman with the sunglasses is pinned onto the glasses. His followers are all in agreement, going further to say, if Melania is a lie, what else of Trump’s administration is. Oh my, you can’t make this stuff up and what lengths some will go to create diversion or write total crap. 

Case #3: This one is as much for you conspiracy theory junkies as much as anyone. The Mandalay Bay security guard, Jesus Compos, who seemingly disappeared, has decided the safe place to tell his story about the night of the shooting is….on The Ellen Show. Sure. 

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

The 25-year-old had been dodging reporter interviews. Signs outside his east valley home still read, “NO TRESPASSING” and “NO MEDIA ON PROPERTY.”

But the Mandalay Bay security guard whom a gunman shot in the leg Oct. 1 before opening fire on a nearby country music festival crowd continues to stay in contact with his employer, and police don’t consider him missing.

“Jesus Campos wants to tell his story at a time and place of his choosing,” MGM Resorts International, which owns and operates Mandalay Bay, said in an email to the Las Vegas Review-Journal early Tuesday. “He’s asked that everyone respect his request for privacy. We could not be more proud of Jesus.”

The bonus points for you theorists is to know that Ellen has a contract with MGM for slot machines in her name. Mandalay Bay is owned by the MGM brand so Ellen has a HUGE vested interest in comforting Compos. One article I read Ellen told Compos he never has to talk about the night again. Something is very fishy about the Las Vegas shooting. The sheriff seems straight of of Mayberry but conspiracy theory is not my wheelhouse so I’m thinking it’s more like lousy investigating than anything else. But Compos is a big link and his story has changed a few times. Ellen gave him a check for $25k so that ought to comfort him somewhat. 

Case #4: McCain:

I get that McCain was humiliated by Trump but what I don’t get is why McCain is okay with being mocked by remembers of his own party to be such a hater. Makes no sense to me.

Case #5: This woman is the Queen of Life, Unhinged. Chelsea Handler.

Her mouth is foul all day every day. Her hatred of Trump must live in her head because she writes stuff like this:

What another eloquent speech given by our master today in the rose garden. What a fucking lying piece of trash. Lies, lies, lies. All day.

What we need is you in a mental asylum. Then, you can get peed on all you want.

She’s got to be sick, mentally deranged to be so OBSESSED with Trump. Well, come to find out today, she’s announced she’s not going to do more episodes of her show. I think the best thing for Chelsea is Bellevue.


It’s hard to be connected because the Left so HATES Trump they want his impeachment more than they want life for themselves. People have jumped the shark.

Part of me wants to unplug, ignore the stupidity of the Unhinged. Then part of me is like the person who slows down for a highway accident, hoping to see the dead body.

I’m watching the Yankees game and debating about changing to Jeopardy at 7pm. Last night the champ won One whole dollar. One. $1.00. He’s good but no one since Austin has captivated me like he did. 

26 thoughts on “Life, Unhinged

  1. Yankees! 4-0. Heck with Jeopardy.

    I’m leaning more to staying out of the loop of the news. It’s crazy. Rep. Wilson is a perfect example of crazy.

  2. I read Compos refused the check from Ellen and that Handler’s show was cancelled, not that she chose to not do more episodes.

    1. Refused the money? Well, that would be good.

      I know nothing about Handler’s show. I know her fans are all crazy Trump Haters so I’d be shocked if her show were cancelled. I think she’s entering rehab or getting Derangement therapy. She’s certifiable.

  3. Wilson should be ashamed of herself but she’s not. She’s egged on by the Left media who have her on air every five minutes saying more stupid sh**. She said this incident is worse than Benghazi.

    Joy Reid of MSNBC wants a reporter to ask Trump to name the four who died, to which someone asked her to name ONE of the men killed in Afghanistan. Pow.

    I don’t care what happens to Chelsea Handler nor McCain.

  4. The only story that seems sane is that Melania uses a double. I don’t think that’s her in the sunglasses either. The lips and nose are very different.

    1. The Washington Post is weighing in on the Melania story. In their opinion there’s no double.

      The representative from Florida is all aglow in the attention she’s receiving. She won’t back down.

  5. And as for the media hatred of Trump…. they are serving the Hillary voters with hour by hour ‘I Told You So.’ Maybe that helps them feel good which is okay with me. It keeps them home watching TV while the swamp is being drained.

    1. The Mayor is some piece of work. She, Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Milano, Rep. Wilson, Joy Behar, Emmy Rossum, & Rosie O’Donnell should go on a Whine Tour. Every one is insufferable. Suffering succotash kind of insufferable.

  6. I hope to God you had your tv on now – General Kelly took apart Wilson one hat at a time. I’ve never seen him so angry at how she disrespected a dead military man. It was brilliant and the room of reporters was stunned.

    1. You betcha. He was beyond brilliant Jane. Trump should thank his lucky four-star general every day for being by his side. Kelly is a remarkable man. I fell apart when Kelly said he walked through Arlington cemetery to clear his head after he heard Wilson’s comments.

      I still don’t understand, nor did Kelly, how Wilson was able to listen in on Trump’s phone conversation. Isn’t anything private?

        1. To be exact:

          “John Kelly’s trying to keep his job. He will say anything,” says @RepWilson in response to Trump’s staff chief who ripped her for disclosing details of controversial call with soldier’s widow. “There were other people who heard what I heard.”

    1. I’m Polly Pessimistic when it comes to anyone really linking the Dems with Russia and Uranium etc. I’ve let all those tweets go unretweeted. Of course I’d like it to happen, but alas, the media is more upset that General Kelly made a comment about women yesterday, one I took as a compliment, but the naggy hateful Feminazi’s took objection. I don’t get it at all.

        1. I had a hard time reading the responses in the timeline to her tweet. So many “you’re my president” “we love you” “you are so compassionate and caring”. SMH.

    1. Great, as usual. I was under the impression today that the widow was in cahoots with Wilson, knowing exactly what time Trump was going to call and arranged to have Wilson in the car on speaker phone to trap Trump.
      BUT, I just saw a tweet with a Facebook page BY THE WIDOW who disavows Wilson’s words and is not happy about what she said at all. So now I;m really confused.

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