Say it ain’t so

Tonight, a frost. I’m so not ready.

Added pain, I have to be IN Greenwich tomorrow morning by 7am which means up and out before the sun without coffee and in the cold.

I could be grumpy tomorrow. Very grumpy. Be nice to me please.

12 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so

  1. Has the shoot ’em up, rifle coffee arrived yet? On weekends we’re drinking one of George Howell’s coffees. Weekdays, whatever was on sale.
    Frost warnings don’t include my area although it feels a bit like October tonight. Turned on the heat to get rid of the chill.

  2. Frost?!! 82 low humidity degrees here. Just woke up from a beautiful nap. Nice breeze here off the ocean tonight. Brewing up a medaglia doro and heading down to the hardrock casino for a late supper and a little action.

  3. I played an 8am Shotgun off the back 9 this morning up at The Griff. There was a 15 minutes frost delay. With 4 layers including some ski thermals and fleece. I wasn’t cold at all. There was no wind and that made all the difference. It was actually a beautiful morning out there. Even if I left the house before sun-rise. I did have hot tea in a thermos in the cart!

    1. I would have much preferred playing golf than sitting in a stinking showroom. It’s a gorgeous day for sure. Bright sunshine and the frost is off the pumpkin.

      How did you do in the event??

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