Calling anyone with a Captain Midnight Decoder Ring.

Julian Assange was tweeting cryptically this weekend, starting off with this mysterious string of numbers…

That tweet prompted his followers to wish and hope that the code was related to Hillary’s 33k ‘lost’ emails.

Then this…..

Now, anyone with a long memory knows Assange made similar October Surprise claims before, letting us conclude he held the key to the lost emails about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding but nothing came of it. In a way I’m glad because had Assange spilled all the emails before the election, there would have been a cloud of collusion, like Kaepernick is now alleging against the NFL (eye roll). I’m fine with Trump winning thanks to the millions of us Deplorables going out to vote.

Assange is a curious dude. I’m not sure myself if he’s a good guy or bad guy. Or if he’s in cahoots with someone or some country for evil. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him but I gotta say, a Happy Birthday Hillary surprise would make my day.

I’m slow out of the gate this Monday. My odd brain dreamed my mother was mowing the lawn with her Jaguar, throwing the car into reverse and mowing backwards up a steep hill. Man, so strange.

Chilly and Rainy Monday so far and it’s not even daylight yet.

Hey, did the Giants win??? I didn’t watch.

Have a great day.

13 thoughts on “Calling anyone with a Captain Midnight Decoder Ring.

  1. Not a fan of Assange so I’m not holding my breath he has anything but Twitter bluster. He’s a lot of hot air in my book.

    Giants won. The Jets got robbed by a bad call.

    Wife and I were in South Carolina this weekend as part of the plan to leave Miami. We agree we don’t want to be back up in snow country but she wants more seasons than hot and hotter. No shoreline towns.

    1. I lean more on the side that Assange is a bad guy. He seems to only operate for his own benefit.

      Peter, great that you two are beginning the search. It can’t be easy. How about a North Carolina mountain town? Keep us in the loop.

  2. Judge Napolitano on Mornings with Maria talked about Kap lawsuit. He’s hired Mark Garagos who is all bluster too. Garagos defended Scott Peterson and fell flat on his face. Napolitano said Kap could have a case because the union is a strong voice but it’ll be hard to prove collusion.

    1. I saw that Judge Nap interview. I think what got my attention is when the judge said the lawsuit likely wouldn’t have been filed had they not had some intel or case. Trump was right when he said had the NFL suspended Kap the first time he knelt for one game, then more if he continued, we wouldn’t be here today. Kap sees himself as a hero. I bet the owners disagree and therein may lie Kap’s collusion theory.

  3. Monday in a nutshell:

    Bergdahl pleaded guilty today.

    Melendez from NJ probably will be found guilty today too.

    Jimmy Kimmel says he has no regrets about his disdain for Trump and said he can’t imagine having a conversation with a conservative.

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