Because it’s too good to be buried in the comments!

Caelestis posted a comment last night with an incredible YT video – a remix of old hoofers of the 40s, dancing to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. It’s such a fabulous remix and the editing skills are unsurpassed, it’s worth setting the video on it’s own here.


The video – be prepared to watch it more than once. More than twice. I’ve already forwarded it a ton – those of us of a certain age who remember these dancers and wonder what happened to them all? Why aren’t there any today?

Begin the top tapping……………….

I feel I should break into a rendition of Thanks for the Memories, but instead I’ll just say thanks to caelestis for a great video.

13 thoughts on “Because it’s too good to be buried in the comments!

  1. Love this. Is that James Cagney coming down the huge flight of stairs?? He was Incredibly light on his feet and showed his dance skills in I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.

    My feeling is this kind of talent doesn’t exist because the studio system is gone. Most of these actors were under contract and had to learn and perform all kinds of abilities. Dancing among them. You hear a few of them alive today talk about how they did those scenes 1000 times until their feet were raw. But they did it. The actors today aren’t versatile. They can act, barely, but there’s no such thing as a song and dance man/woman.

    Thanks caelestis.

    Bright sun in Greenwich.

    1. In the long run it’s better that the studio system died because the stars were plugged full or drugs to keep dancing. I saw Jean Harlow movie this morning, one of the last ones she did before she died at age 26. She had kidney failure that went undiagnosed for influenza.

  2. Great fun to watch and I’ll watch it more than once. Thanks for the day brightener. There’s a hint of sun in the southeast but it’s mainly a dreary, overcast day.

  3. The video reminded me that, back in the day, actresses and actors really had their work cut out for them, whether or not they were classically trained in singing or dancing. In the end, for singing you could still rely on Marni Nixon, but, you can’t fake the dance parts.

    I liked the story of how Henry Mancini wrote Moon River so that Audrey Hepburn could actually perform it herself:

    1. Honestly I hated the movie Breakfast at Tiffany. I thought it was way too dark and thus I never liked the song Moon River. It was a big make-out song in high school (or so I hear!) 🙂

      Very true about the singers versus the dancers. Can’t fake those foot moves.

    1. Believe me I’ve tried. That’s exactly what I want as well. There are a few that have me stymied. The guy in the color clip on the hedge and fence, is that Clark Gable?

      I see many of the usuals – Judy Garland with Andy Rooney, Shirley Temple and Bill Bojangles Robinson; Ann Miller; Fred and Ginger; The scene over the sofa has Debbie Reynolds in the middle.

      Who can you add?

        1. Not bad but not as good as the one with oldies. Although lots of great movies in that mashup. Whoopi in decent movies before she became an arrogant lefty. Jim Carrey, same. Patrick Swayze was a trained dancer. So good. Smooth. John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever never gets old. Even Jennifer “I support Trump” Garner was good in 13 Going on 30 with the Michael Jackson dance. Thanks.

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