No Burning Papers. No Fire Department. Good to Go.

Not exactly a raging blazing fire but I admit to being a tad nervous building a fire after last time that set off all the upstairs smoke alarms.

I cleaned out the fireplace floor, shoveled up all the old ash, and set a few fatwood pieces above the crumbled grocery store flyers. No New York Times to burn and the WSJ subscription is digital.

It’s darn cold this morning, in the 40s and I saw some 30s on the map north of us and into NW Connecticut.

Today is Friday the 13th, I’m not superstitious so it’s a non-event for me. It’s a good day to stay away from TV because it’s all horror movies, a genre that never appealed to me. Also a good day to stay away from social media as Left is hammering Trump on his fabulous changes to Obamacare. The usual screaming mimi’s are whining – Schumer first out. Elizabeth Warren too. I was floored hearing today on Mornings with Maria that in the last two years in office, Obama put forth over 7000 new regulations. No wonder the economy stalled under Obummer. Trump has undone 860 so far and he’s just begun. FREEDOM. I love winning!!
'What a lovely day!'

And for caelestis, to answer the car quiz…


15 thoughts on “No Burning Papers. No Fire Department. Good to Go.

  1. I heard Commerce Sec Wilbur Ross talk about the 7000 Obama regulations and how Trump plans to undo them one at a time. I was shocked it was so many. I knew there were a lot but not 70000. Even Maria was stunned. Obama wanted to stifle capitalism and make it one giant government funded nation. I thank my stars every day that Trump won. he’s not perfect but he has the right idedasa as a businessman for the country.

      1. Damn straight he is. I’m totally bummed that my Hillary loving family is coming for Thanksgiving or else I’d make the table decorations all Trump MAGA-theme. I would too.

        1. maybe the Black Rifle coffee will be enough to trigger them?

          o/t gotta say, that vid for the Cherry Valley house is going the wrong direction…

        2. I think my KNOW MY sister would leave if I showed her the bag of black rifle beans. She’s in line with Sen. Murphy on guns. Shouldn’t have them at all.

          The CV house video is bizarre beyond bizarre. Wrong in every way possible. I mean, the black aspect alone is odd, (a) that he ended up not owning the house rather was a party hanger-on’er and (b) he left the house on foot. Whoever thought tht video was good also did the Dove commercial.

          [Sorry EOS peeps- this conversation is an extension of one caelestis and I are having on another blog]

  2. I’m desperately trying not to turn HEAT on. It’s raw inside my condo. I don’t get all that much daylight anyway so when it’s cold outside, it’s much colder inside.
    Making tea.

    1. Jane, I actually JUST turned on FOUR zones of heat. The kitchen/breakfast room is radiant floors and when it gets warm in here, it’s almost too warm, but oh so nice. The MBR wing thermostat said 62. I’ll leave it all on for a couple of hours to take the chill off the house.

      Tea is good but heat is better.

    1. Wow. So much went through my head watching that.
      1. How talented the person is who put that video together. It had to take a long time. But 34million views means you and I aren’t the only ones who appreciate his editing skill.
      2. Love the song Uptown Funk. It’s on my iPhone. Good treadmill and fast walking tune.
      3. Where are all those hoofers today???? The compilation of extraordinary dancers long gone. Today, who fills those shoes, figuratively and literally? No one I know. That made me sad. But knowing we can see those incredible dancing feet over and over, that makes me happy. Thanks.

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