Woman’s Work is never Done

Lots on the to-do list today. The generator has been serviced and needed a new battery but better to replace it now then to find out next time it goes on the battery is dead.

Made service appointment for Audi next week – 45k checkup before we drive to North Carolina. I think this is the longest I’ve kept a car – I’m prone to turning them in and upgrading before they reach 40k but this was an usually high mileage year with so many road trips. Mr. EOS, on the opposite end of the spectrum, keeps his truck until the engine falls out, then complains that the dealer gave him an awful trade in! 🙂 For MONTHS, he’s been saying I need a new truck I need  new truck.…He shops, gasps at the high prices and HATES that no truck has stick shift anymore, comes home and says his old Dodge will last another year. I guess it’s true – opposites attract.

Made call back to a local electrician to ask about stringing Christmas tree lights and we’ve been playing telephone tag for two days now. That’s never fun.

Made birthday dinner reservations at the Inn on Biltmore Estate.

Tried, to no avail, to order a replacement leather checkbook cover for the rare breed of checks I use – the top stub. My kids say checks, what are those?? My cover is old and of course, Deluxe doesn’t make it anymore. The ones they do have are nothing like what I have – why on earth do companies eliminate products that were so perfect?

Mostly today, I’m starting to plan for Thanksgiving and Mom’s 99th birthday. We’ll have a full house and that’s always fun.


Martha always gets it right so I keep her holiday magazines from year to year…


And I still have a few of her Everyday Food mini magazines – most I gave to kids as they went out on their own. This series was one of my favorite things she ever produced.


No vegans among us, thankfully, but I do try and make some fun options for appetizers and veggies that aren’t so filling.


I’ve only gotten as far in the meal planning as getting a few books out and pushing them around to take a blog photo of them! But isn’t life all about my blog anyway? I think so.

23 thoughts on “Woman’s Work is never Done

  1. Life is all about your blog. 👏🏼

    I’ll be in California for Thanksgiving and probably Christmas too. There’s been some discussion of me staying a couple of months. My sons house has a nice private in-law suite so I could stay. Nice to get that much time with the grandkids. But they are now in school and I don’t have any friends my age so a couple of months might be a stretch.

    I’ll live vicariously through your Thanksgiving planning and look forward to pix of what you made.

    1. That’s a tough decision Jane – two months is a long time. But the upside is you’ll be in gorgeous sunny temps while we hover around the fireplace. Let us know what you decide.

  2. 👋 my car is pushing 90k miles, a total record for me (growing up in the auto industry, new cars were a quarterly event for most of my life). When things melted down (govt basically gave our dealership to another dealer!), I bought an Audi. We only got rid of that last year, but it sat idle for a good four years, then became the commuter car when we moved back from Sweden. Hubby got a new Volvo last year.. I love my big, American suv, but am looking forward to getting one with the Volvo’s safety tech and auto pilot. Not looking forward to the price tag, though.

    Our Genny stopped exercising, so we are waiting on the guy to come and give us *that* big bill.

    Thanksgiving, ugh. I’m swimming in overwhelm right now and can’t even begin to plan. But, Martha’s Turkey 101 in which she bastes the bird in a bottle of Madeira and a pound of butter under cheese cloth is my de facto favorite!

    1. People who service generators know they have us over the barrel. My annual service contract is a big number and yesterday the added surprise of getting a new battery. But I suppose it’s worth the $$$ when others are without power and we’re comfy.
      I miss the days of having a big American SUV. We were a Chevy Suburban family for a long time. I’d get one today just because I love them.

      I made Martha’s soaked turkey one year and it was a mess. The cheesecloth stuck to the turkey skin. I did something way wrong. Haven’t tried it again.

        1. Butter is good. My neighbor brought over a half dozen of her famous homemade cornbread muffins yesterday and of course, they are no good unless they have MORE BUTTER. I toasted them first in a cast iron skillet so the butter would drip off the sides. OMG.

  3. Can’t believe the Jeopardy reign of Austin Rogers is over! You got us turned on to him. Might have to go find his bar in NYC.
    We are going to a nephews wedding in Texas the Sunday before Thanksgiving and have plans to stay the week and have Turkey Day with his Mom and family since the son will be off on his Honeymoon. We will have some time for sightseeing and will try and get to those museums in Ft. Worth since I’m the only one in the family who has even been to FW and that was decades ago. And you enjoyed them so, we have to all go.

    1. I was on pins and needles watching Jeopardy last night. But wow, if he had to lose, he at least lost to an incredible player. Scarlett was a human buzzer annihilator!! Austin was thrilled for her win too.

      A wedding and Thanksgiving in Texas sounds excellent. There was much more in Dallas I wanted to see. I’ll definitely go back and include Austin.
      Do Texans BBQ their turkey on Thanksgiving?? Have fun. And take your camera along.

    1. Dara. I love you. You are invited to Thanksgiving. Bring several jars of that magic concoction.

      Thanks for popping in to comment. Nice to know how you found me. We Austin Rogers fans are sad he lost last night but even losing he was totally cool.

  4. If Mr EOS wants a brand new truck with manual tranny, he’s probably going to have to special order or get a Toyota truck off the lot. The Tundra and Tacoma are pretty decent trucks and a few v-8s are always hanging around the lots as leftovers. Some buyers get stick trucks and after a couple of months cant stand em. I’d check craigslist for a slightly used, manual tundra or Tacoma. Happy hunting.

    1. Huh. I thought no one made manual transmission anymore other than big rigs. He had a Toyota before two Dodges in a row. He thinks he wants a Ford but is too much of a yankee to spend what they cost. A truck for Mr. EOS is a work vehicle. He takes it to the dump. Hauls lobster traps. Brings “good stuff” home he finds washed up on beach. Carries lumber. Dead fish. Bait. When I get in it, he has to move all the tools from the front seat. Getting the picture here?

    1. Great pix. There’s always discussion of buying a neat old truck and that would work if it was a truck he didn’t use as hard as he does. If he could have two trucks- one an antique to tool around in and one as the workhorse, then sure.

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