I’m Glad We Got There Twice

The 2017 Punkin Chunkin is cancelled and this betting woman predicts it’s the end of the road permanently for the Chunk.

Lawsuits will do it every time and seems the most recent lawsuit is bringing the event down forever.

Our nonprofit, the World Punkin Chunkin Association, a 100 percent volunteer-based group, has recently come under litigation regarding the incident where Ms. Suzanne Dakessian, a Sharp Entertainment’s employee, was involved in an unfortunate accident at our 2016 event. The pending lawsuit lists our nonprofit and its officers as defendants,” the World Punkin Chunkin Association announced on its website.

“The landowners who graciously donate the use of their property each year for our non-profit endeavors are also listed as defendants. They are reluctant to host our 2017 event in light of the lawsuit.

“With less than 74 days until our event, we are left with no options. It is with our deepest regrets that we announce that 2017 Punkin Chunkin is canceled and with it, the economic impact that Delaware receives, the funds that we generate to help fund other nonprofits and the scholarships for deserving youth. Refunds will be issued within the week.

I gotta say the first year we attended, as hoi polloi, behind the fence with all the drunk University of Delaware students, we felt pretty safe from any errant pumpkin or air cannon shot.

However, the year we ponied up to be sponsors and got a golf cart and free access in front of the fence, up close and personal to the teams and machines, I could easily see how someone could get hurt. Even with a trebuchet.

I should have thought of my blog name BEFORE becoming a sponsor … and those were the days when I hadn’t bought my own domain so I had to add at WordPress to the long handle. Oy. I remember when I called to see if I could be a sponsor, the Luddite chairman didn’t even know what the word Blog meant. He had never had such a request.

The category everyone waited for was the Air cannons – the huge machines that catapulted the pumpkin nearly a mile

I don’t think we’ve ever had MORE FUN than we did at the Chunk. We met some incredible people – from engineers to welders to Boy Scouts to teachers to everyday DIYers who wanted to create a machine that would cast a pumpkin far.

Even The Governor and the Delaware State Police were in good spirits meeting us.

We became friends with the crew of Chunk Norris, hailing from New Hampshire. Just such a great bunch of chunk enthusiasts!

If you want to see all the blog posts from our PC days, look in the Tag Cloud for PC 2010 and PC 2011. Note: in the old WP format, a video could stand as the cover photo. Not with this new theme so you’ll see some posts with no photo in the Cube, but they are visible within the post itself. I won’t bore you by linking to them here.

LSS, we’re bummed it’s over. It was good for Delaware. Good for physics nerds. Good for engineer nerds. Good for kids to learn motion…and gravity!

Happy Thursday. My lawn crew here with loud leaf blowers. Generator getting its twice a year service, tune-up. Gotta be ready for winter and any outages that may occur.

11 thoughts on “I’m Glad We Got There Twice

  1. This is a staggering “blow” to both the air cannon and punkin-growing industry, not to be under-estimated for their “cutting-edge” organic projectile technology.

    1. Agree. The pumpkins were a special breed – if I remember, the white ones were the best, more dense, o less dense – I did a post on the Right Pumpkin – I’ll have to go back and read it.
      The Ghost White was the preferred pumpkin – grown primarily for The Chunk – those farms surely lost a lot of revenue.

      The event brought tons of money into lower Delaware, a region that’s primarily ag related – lots of chickens. It’s got to hurt financially.

  2. Seems kinda a red neck thing to see.

    Wasn’t it supposed to be moved from Lower DE to Dover’s speedway one year? I remember watching the punkin chunkin on the Science Channel or Discovery.

    1. You’re saying “it’s a red neck thing” like that’s bad???????????

      Yes, one year it was scheduled at the Dover Speedway – a dumb and dumber idea from the get go. Never happened – something about insurance.

  3. I, too, loved the Chunking saga. This weekend, Loudon Speedway in NH is hosting a chunkin event. No idea how or if it compares to the Delaware one.
    Most leaves are still on trees here so leaf blowers are not in full swing yet. Haven’t even come close to a frost. Forecast continues for mild and dry weather.

    1. Coincidently, In Googling Punkin Chunkin 2017 I saw the link to the one in Loudon this weekend. Moosing through the link, I see MANY of the teams that competed in Delaware are represented and do well in Loudon.

      Chunk Norris. Launch Ness…others we met. Are you going to go??? I’ll give you my press credentials!

      We lost a ton of leaves in one week – went from full to quarter bare. I’m happy to get the leaf falling over with so I can get the gutter guys here before Thanksgiving. They are hard to schedule as they get super busy in a three week span.

      It’s beautiful here today – crisp clear sunny – fall-like!

      1. I’m not planning to go to Loudon although it does sound like a great event. Weather should be perfect for it. I’ll watch for any press coverage.

  4. Boo, the boys would have loved the Punkin Chuck! Both have had varying levels of trebuchet obsession. I’m thinking of trying Airbnb for the first time in November for a weekend to Chincoteague Island.

    One of our trees dropped almost all it’s leaves in the past two days, but most are still burning Bush is starting to pink up, though and there is a nip in the air today.

    1. Raised in Delaware, Chincoteague was always a destination to see the horses. It’s a must at some point in the boys upbringing.

      This morning here it’s barely 50 degrees. Chill in the air redux!! Brrr.

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