I Absolutely Can’t Wait!

We just booked a couple of rooms at the Inn on Biltmore Estate in early November to properly ring in the 70th birthday of my Iowa BFF.

Mr. EOS and I are driving down to their North Carolina cabin to hang out a few days and thought it would be incredible to see Biltmore in all its Christmas glory (which, believe it or not, is all up and ready by November 3!) and at the same time celebrate Someone Else Being 70 Before I Am with people we adore!


Biltmore anytime is gorgeous but I hear it’s spectacular with all the Christmas trees and ornaments up. We signed up for the special Candlelight Evening package, with carolers and exclusive access to Santa (not sure what that means, but okay!). I’m making a list!

I feel like a five year old, hearing myself constantly saying are we there yet?

16 thoughts on “I Absolutely Can’t Wait!

  1. Can I come along too? I’ve not been to Biltmore ever so I can only imagine at Christmas it’s magnificent. What a great way to celebrate anything. An even better way to celebrate turning 70. I’m past that myself so you guys are spring chickens.

  2. You’ll love it. The tour is a little crowded but so what. Be sure to splurge a little & stay at the Inn, have a cocktail or 2 on the porch then dinner downstairs. It was one of the finest meals I’ve ever had & if the ginger fig ice cream is on the menu forget the diet & order it!

    The Grove Park Inn is an easy drive from Biltmore & they have a gingerbread house display every year. It was nothing to write home about the year I saw it but you might consider it just the same. If nothing else it’s a nice place to have lunch.

    1. We are staying at the Inn. Good to know about dinner at the Inn. That was one thing still under discussion. We had to choose now what time to take the Christmas Candlelight tour and since it’s two hours long, we opted for 5:30pm so we could still have dinner when it’s not midnight. Not knowing anyone else who had eaten t the Inn, this is good knowledge. Ginger Fig ice cream. MMm Diet? You said something about a diet? ha. I scoff at diets.

      Thanks for the detailed comment.

  3. We went to the Biltmore Estate this Summer and it was so impressive. I’ve read two books about it. “Lady on the Hill – how the Biltmore State became an American Icon” Its a very good history explaining the details of how the 3rd generation made it into the tourist destination it is today. “The Last Castle” I have not started to read, as yet. There is a lot of good hiking nearby with many beautiful waterfalls.

    It should be a great trip!

    1. With our friends only a half hour away from Asheville, I’ve had a few opportunities to moose around the town and countryside. Asheville was a top contender in where to retire but downtown has big hippie tambourine playing groups and it tends to be a tad crunchy for me. Good craft beers though and amazing views from towns above Asheville.

      Thanks for the book tips. I think I saw both of those at the Biltmore gift shop but opted out.

  4. If you ever have your fill of Biltmore during Christmas, you might try the Ahwahnee Hotel’s Bracebridge Dinner:

    (nope, never been, but, everyone who has says it is a bucket list event)

    1. I was not prepared for that. What fun. Coincidentally, I bought a Boars Head myself today. Well, I bought some of their brand ham, but close enough. The dinner is a cross between a giant Renaissance fair and a theme weekend at Mohonk Mountain House, but with the bonus of being in Yosemite.

      My bucket list is now one item longer. Thanks.

  5. My mother in law lives in Hendersonville NC and I’ve spent many Christmases at Biltmore.
    YOU WILL LOVE IT. Don’t give the crowds a second thought. Not an issue.
    And yes, Grove Park Inn is also worth a visit. Spectacular stone structures. At one time they had the best brunch I’ve ever had, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case.

    1. Hendersonville is one of those towns that everyone needs to visit once. Picture perfect. Lots of retirees for sure. Lucky you to be able to visit her often and see Biltmore at Christmas too. It’s beautiful neck of North Carolina.

      Thanks for the second vote on the Grove Park Inn.

    1. We’re New Yorkers, north of NYC about an hour, in horse country but LOVE North Carolina and have good friends who have a second home there.

      Dreamy that your (now) husband proposed in NC- was it at the Biltmore that he proposed??? I’ve seen Instagram pix of proposals there – utterly romantic.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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