Tuesday’s not off to a good start

Um, the coffee is a tad weak, dontcha think??

As is my pattern, I grind the beans first thing, which I did, but lost somehow was the part where I put the grinds into the machine filter. Oops.

So not fair. I woke up with a headache, rare for me, so I was doubly excited about first pour. Going to have to start all over!!!

Hope your Tuesday started out better!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday’s not off to a good start

  1. Ouch. We’re slow out of the gate today too, back after five days in Burlington Vermont- a family wedding and a need to get out of Florida. My wife has been feeling unsettled since we moved back into our Miami house. She wants to move back north where the seasons change and where hurricanes don’t hit. I’m open to the conversation.

    1. Peter, I’ve heard from other people who have lived through a natural disaster that it brings about the desire to move. Understandable. You two were displaced for a long time and that had to be very stressful. Glad you got away and far away to Vermont.

    2. You can run, but you can’t always get away from disaster
      Hurricane, tornado, wild fire, earthquake….sun, snow, rain, drought
      Remember Sandy traveled to Vermont and swelled the rivers and dales
      I think I remember that a few covered bridges were carried away

      1. Flash, what you say is true but I sense my wife is unhappy and I’m her long-time protector. We’ve been married decades (happily) so if she would like to talk about moving north, whatever north means, I’m listening.

        1. Peter, your wife had the added discomfort of getting sick on the way back to Miami if I remember correctly. The old adage stands pat – If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!!

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