Someone had a better Tuesday morning than I! Almost.

One of the kids was in Portland Maine for the long weekend, some time in Portland proper but mostly to hike and camp 90 minutes from Portland.

The flight this morning was at 5:45am to JFK. Perfect day to fly. Sun coming up. A little over an hour in the air.

EZ. What could go wrong? Nothing with the flight but the cab ride from JFK to the East Village….TWO and a half times LONGER THAN THE FLIGHT!!!!

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. Not to mention the uh oh when you have two cups of coffee on the flight, think heck, I’ll be home in 30 minutes and opt out of peeing at the airport……😬

14 thoughts on “Someone had a better Tuesday morning than I! Almost.

  1. Gorgeous photo and indeed a perfectly calm day to fly. So been there done that getting stuck in traffic from JFK.

    Lesson: Always pee before getting in taxi. 😀

    1. I’ll never forget the year one of the kids was taking a college semester in Prague. We left Bedford FOUR hours ahead of the flight and got stuck to the point that when we got to JFK, I had to throw her out of the car on the run and she had to make a mad dash. I never got to say goodbye. It was awful.

  2. If I really need to get to JFK on time, I always get off the Grand Central before the Kew Gardens interchange and take Lefferts Blvd. It’s slow, but beats shooting crap on the Van Wyck. Likewise going from Wall Street – take Atlantic Avenue.

    1. The second the cabbie saw 495 backed up he took all the local roads through Queens and didn’t get back on 495 until it was time to zoom over into Manhattan. No matter where he went, he was thwarted.

      I do my best to take a car service to JFK and leave the deciding which way to get there to others.

      1. New Yorkers like Harvey Weinstein would take a helicopter to teterboro or hpn then hop on his G5.harveys on my mind today🙂

        1. The Weinstein story is getting messier by the second. Now Gwenyth Paltrow is saying she was sexually attacked. I still don’t get why they all waited. I guess they would have been blacklisted if they didn’t sleep with Harvey? But what does it say for all these women who accept his advances but still choose to do work in films produced by him?

    1. Hillary lives a double life. One, as the “wife” of a serial womanizer. The other as a “champion for women”. Call me stoopid, but I don’t think it works that way.
      As for the video, all I could focus in on after a while was the huge bags under her eyes. Lord.

      PS: got the whole skinny on the Holy Donuts. Didn’t taste a thing like potato. We’re incredible. The owner is doing quite well for herself. Long long lines every day. Good for her. I only asked one thing: Where are mine??

        1. Who the hell would want a lo-fat donut??? Not I. They should be shut down for even trying to make a donut lo fat. That’s a crime against the donut.

          I’ve never heard of that place you linked to in the NY city. You do know it’s not the same as the good one in Portland that’s HOLY, not HOLEY.

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